QB 288 V2 260 watt dual board setup help?!

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  1. I am growing with the QB kit sold by HLG that has two 4000k panels and the 260 watt dimmable driver.

    Growing in a 2x2.5 tent

    Does anyone have a general idea or guide to light height and where the dimmer should be set?

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. That's a very small area for that light. It's rated to cover a 2x4. So, you should be able to run it almost all the way dimmed especially in veg.

    Plant light tolerance is very strain dependent. You'll have to watch your plants to find out how much light power and distance they like through their life cycle. The goal with a powerful light setup is to get the plants used to the light enough by flower that they can tolerate it down to as low as 16"-18" or so with that light maxed. Some plants never make it there though as some are just sensitive to intense light.

    In seedling stage I would start at the 30" to 36" area with it all the way dimmed. Work it down to 18" or so and start to increase the power as veg progresses.

    In an area that small I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't run it maxed and still maintain good temps of about 80-82 max at the top of the plant canopy. You have almost twice the potential light power you need for the space. Rated coverage for a single qb288 board on a 150h driver is 2x2.

    Adding a fan to the top of the fixture blowing on the heatsink makes a huge difference in room temps along with a good exhaust fan.
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  3. image.jpg B26878A3-786A-4C4A-8BDF-005A9E987ED4.jpeg
    Hey thank you so much for your reply! That is all really good info. This is what I have going on right now (see photos below) and I dimmed the light down to minimum.... they are about 24” from the light. I have air filtration set up with a carbon filter etc so my temps generally stay under 80 and humidity has been sitting around 40-50%.
    I’m not sure if you can see in the photos but the first set of leaves on one of the plants has almost turned white.

    Thanks again!
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  4. very nice tent got a link

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  5. Let me know what you end up doing for lighting and ventilation etc!
  6. Sorry I gotta say I was wanting one for a friend as a present,

    but seeing this 'monster' I'm wanting one for me ...lol


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