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  1. Hey i have a plant thats about 8 inches tall, well taller than that but its burried about another 6 inches in the dirt... my questions are

    1. i dont want a big plant, i want a small powerful plant, how do i know when its time to do the 12 on 12 off deal?

    2. explain a NODE.. i have an idea of what it is, but i want to make sure..

    3. when should i start cutting from the top? and what does that do anyways? i know these are dumb questions, but this is my 1st time.. so far i think im doing good.

  2. here is a pic from the top

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  3. Here is a Pic of her from the Side

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  4. These are the nodes, don't worry about topping until the 7th or 8th node...you've got a ways to go..rebury that stem too.

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  5. thank you so much.. i thought thats what they were.. but u say i should burry the stem more? how about just adding more soil? cause i dont wanna dig it up n damage it.,. to tell u the truth, i have raw fish all the way at the bottom of the soil, with Nitro Rocks and it smells.. somone told me to use Fish for Fertalizer.. so far its been working good.. thanks agaIN VATO

  6. Raw fish???

    Guess what your bud is going to taste like when you take that first hit?

    Raw decomposed fish!

    Please think hard about transplanting, that is unless you like smoking a mackeral. :D
  7. the reason i used A fish is because i had friends that grew, and there plants were so beautiful, and taste very good.. the plant already has a very good smell to it.. i doubt it will harm it, the fish was little, about 4 inches long.. but thanks forthe info.. always needed....

    another qustion.. i heard of people putting fruit in there soil, does that do anything?
  8. the best way to keep a plant short is give it lots of light.
    the best way to get maggots and other nasties in ur soil is to put raw meat/fish in the pot.
  9. yea then just add more soil, til just under the first set of true leaves...and try fish emulsion next time lol
  11. Hey Vato or anyone.. What kind of plant food should i get for Her? And where can i get it from? As for the lights, im not trying to get any lights bigger than what i have there now. Do u think they sell Gro-Flux lights at Pet stores? Cause i know they have lights for tanks that have live plant life in them.

    P-S haha u guys are gonna be like grandparents to her when she is done, with all this help.. thanks again!
  12. Idid not see a reply to your 12/12 question, so I will give it a try....If you are going to "top" your plant, I would wait about a week before changing your lights some things to consider about light changing.....under good light conditions (I know ur working on it) a plant will grow 2-3 times its size after the light change so its really not a matter of when to change the light but how much space can your grow room handle, how big of a container and how well your light situation is, my typical set up runs 24hour for 1 1/2months and about the same for the 12/12
    good luck.....
  13. i'd replant it, and add good soil.....i.e. minus the fish...lol........and bury it deeper, just over the first leaves.....keep the fluros close, and also as get a fan on it, to strengthen the stalk.......good luck with the grow.....Peace out.....Sid
  14. yea i heard about that Fan thing,,, but dont u have to keep the grow area a certin Temp? mine is at 72dg now and i was thinking if i put a fan in there is would make it chilly? and yea i replanted her, i have pics on the "my NEW setup" post.. check it.
  15. if you had an HPS this would not be a problem.....but just try bending the stalk gently at least a few times a day....it will help.....Peace out.....Sid
  16. Don't worry about it getting chilly, the circulation of air won't just make the stem stronger..it'll also keeps fresh air around the stomata. When the lights are on the plant takes in as much CO2 through the stomata as the room can provide and this also depends on the lighting, temperature, and humidity...so basicly with the stale air gone your environment would be ideal for an HPS.

    As for the ferts get a vegging fert with an even number in the N(itrogen)P(hosphorus)K(potassium) like 20-20-20 and use at 1/4 strength at first..or a fert with a higher N like 15-10-10. You'll need a different fert for flowering say 15-30-15.
  17. ok awsome, thanks... i can get air going into the box, its no problem, i had that at 1st but i just didnt know about the Temp.. as for the Fert, can i get that anywhere?/ Home Depot? garden store at walmart?
  18. ...don't fuck with that plant in any way shape or form until its three times bigger.

    1.If you have to grow small. The earliest you can flower(12 on, 12off) and expect real results is 6-8 weeks. That's with peak conditions in effect.
    2.A node is a branch union. Where the main trunk branches out or one branch grows from another.
    3.Don't cut from the top unless your cloning the plant. The hardest thing about being a first time grower is not cutting buds from the plant until your all done. The only thing you should cut off is dead leaves and even then only fully dead leaves.
    4.Don't put fruit, fish food, or raw meat in the pot. For big bunk just use good soil with about an inch of charcoal at the bottom of the pot. If you want the weed to taste and smell a little sweeter use organic fertilizer. Also when harvested, put the weed in a jar with lemon peel or orange rind and it will add a fruity smell.
  19. thanks for breaking it down for me... i dont want the plant to get that big, i want it to grow in that box i have it in.. so i put the Floro closer to the plant because somone said it will bush out and stay short tall.. Im gonna get more Flors for it because it needs more light, after i feel its tall enough im gonna do the 12 on 12 off with Hps.
    But about that, how many should i get for one plant?? 1 light?/ and howmany Lumens? i know some Hps lights are Hot and some are Bright..?
  20. If you go to elights.com and poke around under grow light section they have info on square feet versus HID wattage and some other good lighting/growing info I just ordered my 250W hps from them ill let u know how they do
    good luck

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