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  1. Good day all.

    I have this idea running around my head. In short, Infuse vodka with vapour to make a Green Dragon.

    I've tried a few different methods by people, but always find them tasting horrible; Effective, but horrible. No doubt from residual plant matter decaying. So I thought about using vapour bubbled through vodka. No plant matter.

    My Extreme-Q can only do 2" of liquid imersion on the whip before back pressure becomes too great. So my idea is to use bags, 3 to be specific. The reaction chamber could be a large 2L pop bottle. The idea being like a bong filled with vodka but the top hole needs a collection bag for recycling. Like a bagpipe squeezing bags through the vodka. 1 Collector, 1 Squeeze-in, 1 filling on vape.

    A bit more labour intensive but it would be a lot cleaner vodka mix... Thoughts?
  2. Go to Incredible Edible Herb. From there to Another Tincture Thread,try it you'll like it.

    You can learn how to make a proper Green Dragon tincture. Once you have the basic GD down you can make a solvent transfer.
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    A "proper" Green Dragon still leaves plant matter, however microscopic. I'm aiming to avoid making a strong tincture to resolvent. I'm looking for input to improving and /or simplify the above method. The goal is NO plant matter in the finished project.

    I already have proof of concept, however crude, and moving forward to 700ml project reactor size. My 3oz test yield was almost clear, a slight vanilla.
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    Pics of my Extreme-Q with 1990's waterpipe.

    This is what my old school 90's bong attachment looks like. Note the funnel stem, it has become old and permanent for some time now. It uses stemmed glass bowls.

    All lit up on a silver platter.


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  5. How was the finished product

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