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  1. my ladies are close to being done the resan glands are filling up the hairs are about 50% turned and the leaves are starting to yellow but the trichomes are still clear when the tric's start to turn how fast does it go from cloudy to amber
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    you've probably still got about 2-3 weeks bro..I've heard alot of experienced growers say that when you think its done, give it another 2 weeks. The point is that buds have to mature and if all your trichs are still clear then you still have a ways to go..

    Cut a lower bud that looks nice and tasty...Then put it in the oven on 170F and bake it on a paper plate for 10 mins at a time until its dry..this works like a champ and usually only takes 20 mins. This way you can test it yourself and see if your happy with the potency..
  3. yea i was thinking at least another week the strain i'm growing usualy matures in 45 days but can go to 60 so i'll just keep checking

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