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  1. OK i finally cleaned my color changing pipe yesterday, SOO MUCH RESIN :) but i cut a Q tip in half and used the un padded side to scrape out the resin, and what ended up happening is the pipe lost all color in the places i rubbed(i did not scratch) did i get a phony color changing pipe? or will the color come back when i smoke again? and no i didnt get the pipe from grasscity.

    jah bless,
  2. I always thought color changing pipes changed just from the resin. And since you scraped out the resin the color is now gone. So you need to re-resinate it and the color will come back. I could be tottaly wrong but watever.
  3. ^^^^^^
    Yeah, that's right.
  4. yea man just smoke it out, thatll get all your color back. it should come back alot faster than the first time too...

    anyways how could it be fake? i mean the color changed, its a color changing pipe, what more could ya ask for???

    Im pretty sure the pipes have the color in them from the start, its just really light, but when the insides get covered in resin, the colors darken up and get bright, as light entering the pipe will be reflected off the resin instead of going straight through the pipe... could be totally off, but hey, im full of nog, leave me alone!
  5. That's why I got a clear bong. I constantly clean it, and there's rarely any trace of resin on my pieces.
  6. You didn't think the glass was actually physically changing color did you? Let me ask you how do you think that would happen...the obvious answer would be somehow the heat from the smoke would cause some sort of chemical reaction with the coloring in the glass...but if you think about it when the glass was blown, it was way hotter than the smoke which passes through it.
  7. I owe you a big thanks WDCFF! I am *gasp* dry, and I was wondering what I could use to scrape my pieces. A cut offq-tip sounds perfect! Thanks again.
  8. Color changing glass actually has nothing to do with glass!! I know it sounds weird, but the reason the glass changes colors is because when it is blown, small, very small pieces of metals (copper, silver, sometimes even gold) are blown in between the layers of glass and when the glass is heated, it causes the metals to change colors (i.e when copper is heated regularly it turns green if it isn't coated byt that crappy stuff that they put on for sle at hardware stores) and the colors are reflected throughout the glass when light is shone on it. So I am guessing that when you scraped the resin off, the area that was so heavily caoted with resin had not been exposed to heat for a while and therefore had lost its color, but the above guys are right, smoke it out hardcore some more, and your color will definitely come back, probably quicker than it originally had. But a piece of advice, the easiest way to clean good quality glass is to put the piece in boiling water until all of the resin and gook is gone. No scrubbing or picking nescessary and the resin just sticks to the bottom of the pot that you boil it in. Very tight. Well I hope I helped and if any of my info is wrong, let me know, but im pretty sure most of that is accurate. My uncle blows his own glass, and ive done some before, he is a professional artist, pretty cool.
  9. well... here's a good tip for buying a pipe at least.....

    wear something dark in color or bring a black peice of felt with you....

    When your looking at a peice you like place it against said peice of fabric....

    you see what the finsih product looks like before you buy it, don't like the way it looks don't bother...
  10. you can color changing pipes that are inside out and it colors up on in the inside and outside of the pipe,you can get some insane looking pipes. peace.
  11. No man, it isn't a phone CCG pipe. They change colors because fine particles of gold are infused in the glass, making the resin build up in the bowl and stem appear colorful. The pipe itself isn't actually changing color, but rather the gold infusion refracts light differently because the resin changes how much light can pass through the glass. Cleaning CCG will remove all of the "color", but smoking more will cause the color to return. These pipes are really cool in my opinion, even though they are sort of a marketing ploy. I have one, and it freezes as well as changing colors.

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