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  1. Hello everyone my name is Chase. I'd like to start off by saying that i was recently diagnosed with Nodular sclerosis Hodgkins disease stage 3, and am receiving chemotherapy treatments. i have received three treatments so far and the side effects are becoming worse.
    On a side note i would also like to add i was also diagonosed with supraventricular tericardia about 10 years ago ( i am 19 years old now ) and as of three years ago i have stopped taking medication for it and i have had no problems at all with anything from it.
    With that being said. i have smoked marijuana about 5 times in my life each time i have experienced very high heart rate. i would freak out kinda. think i was going to have a heart attack. so i had stopped not having a problem not smoking because it didn't bother me not doing it. that was roughly a year or two ago.
    So pretty much what i am asking is because of my current situation i would like to start smoking. hoping that it could help my effects of chemo be less. and maybe help me able to actually eat and gain a few pounds. the question though is my pre-existing condition of supraventricular tericardia have any high-risks of having something along the lines of a heart attack? Or was the effects of smoking that happend before just me worrying to much (becuase that is something that do)
    Any suggestions are very much appriciated :p
  2. Chase, hon, welcome to GC! I collect MMJ studies and share them (I'm a compulsive educator ;)). At least some of your questions can be answered by clicking the first link in my sig, scrolling down to these sections "Cancer - lymphoma", "Chemotherapy" and "Heart Disease" and just begin reading.

    Cannabis can do much more for you than "just" ease your chemo problems!


    Granny :wave:
  3. First, please read all the wonderful info that Granny Storm Crow is always so gracious to share. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found, and she keeps it conveniently at our fingertips for us. Thank you, Storm Crow. Secondly, I think you should visit the Incredible Edible section of this forum, found under Recreation. I think that for your situation edibles and tinctures would suit you best. Smoking anything is bad for your health, so please check that out.

    Good luck, and take care.

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