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  1. Just lost my crop to this f***ing thing. Only had 6 weeks to go. Im using NFT (or was). If I go to pots and drip feeders will this eliminate the risk next time?

    Any sugestions?
  2. what exactly is that i'm new to growing is that a type of fungus
  3. Pythium Root Rot (Pythium spp.) - Pythium root rot can be caused by several different species of the fungus Pythium. These fungi are common in field soil, sand or sediment of surface water supplies, and dead roots of previous crops. Pythium has also been found in some commercially available soilless potting mixes. Pythium is easily introduced into pasteurized soil or soilless mixes by using dirty tools, dirty pots or flats, walking on or allowing pets to walk on the mixes and by dumping the mixes on benches or potting shed floors that have not been thoroughly cleaned. When introduced into pasteurized soil or soilless mixes, Pythium can cause severe root rot because it has few competitors to check its activity. This fungus poses a threat to crops grown hydroponic systems. If the reservoir is heavily contaminated with debris or soil harboring Pythium, the fungus can spread to a large number of plants quickly. If the fungus infests a cutting bed or if contaminated water is used in propagation, large losses usually occur. Almost all plants are susceptible to Pythium root rot. Root tips which are very important in taking up nutrients and water are attacked and killed. Pythium also can rot the base of unrooted cuttings. Symptoms of Pythium include: Stunted plants, root tips are brown and dead, Plants yellow and die, Plants wilt at mid-day and may recover at night, rot may proceed up the stem, brown tissue on the outer portion of the root easily pulls off leaving a bare strand of vascular tissue exposed, and the cells of roots contain many microscopic thick-walled spores.

    Solution - Pythium root rot is difficult to control once it has begun. Every effort should be directed toward preventing the disease before it begins. Pasteurize soil and sand with heat (a microwave) or chemical fumigant treatments. If the water supply is suspected of being the primary source of Pythium, it may be necessary to treat the water before use. Slow sand filtration has been shown to be an effective, simple, and inexpensive method for removing Pythium from water. Cover the treated soil and store it or the soilless mix in an area that will not be contaminated through the introduction of non-treated soil. Likewise, cover ebb and flow system reservoirs. Disinfest all surfaces, tools, and equipment that will contact the potting mix. We have also found that Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is great for controlling Pythium in both dirt and hydro.
  4. I also know what it is NOW, will drip feeders stop it happening next time?

    Pythium only kicks in at 12/12 so if you get it unlucky! i'm about to throw all my equipment in the bin!

    You don't know what you had till its gone.
  5. Unfortunately this is one of those things that could be avoided but is overlooked often.

    Don't toss your equipment man. It works. Just be meticulous (sp?) about keeping it clean. The inside as well as the outside. And the rest of the grow room has to be clean too.

    But its mainly your hydro system that you have to be freaky obsessive about how clean it is. Change the water once a week, keep the reservoir covered, and clean it every 3rd or 4th time you change the water. And make sure to clean the inside of the rest of the system after every crop.
  6. HIGH All, aaawwwww phuck!!!! newstarter sorry you didn't find the right help you were looking for here. Not to many growers here use NFT. Wish I wasn't out of town I would have gave you a link to CW. Here is what your problem was. The people at CW are great and have alot of knowleadgeable NFT users there.

    Again sorry we weren't much hurts me to see anyone loose what they worked so hard at.

    Edit: Don't throw anything away...try again..but try and read as much about NFT as you can.

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