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  1. Hi guys,

    I've just finished harvesting my second grow. My problem with it is that the plants produced a lot of tiny tiny buds and maybe 3 or 4 times less than the first grow. I suspect that the issue was at root level. The roots didn't grew that much, about 15-20 cm compared to the 80-90 cm from the first grow (I use an aeroponics system). They were all brownish/tan and kinda slimy.

    Please check the attached pictures and tell me what you think. Does this look like root rot? 

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  2. If it stunk, it was root rot!
  3. No is not root rot Pythium, but as above ^^^ sniff for the tell tale smell, better to use quality soil like local organics of FFOF, with lots of sand and gravel or perlite, to avoid such stuations 
  4. Pythium and root rot are synonymous. You don't have one without the other.
    Yes, those root balls are victims of pythium/root rot. I can only imagine what the plants must have looked like.
    Did you learn anything from it?

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