Pyrology Glass?

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  1. Anybody have any experience with Pyrology tubes or bubs? Just saw them show up at a local head shop here in Milwaukee and thought i'd reach out cuz ive never seen or used them.
  2. If they are real, they are awesome. And attached should be a hefty price tag. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

    Pyrology was made from a couple glass blowers that branched off from Illadelph. So the glass is top notch, and their percs stack for days. I'd say they are comparable to SVG. Never seen a full size pyrology tube though. Only their rigs.
  3. They had 2 oil rigs n 2 beaker bottoms. Prices range from $500-800
  4. Beaker for $500-800? :\
  5. Exactly. It's a bunch of old Illadelph blower's who left, and believe they took the prestige of the brand with them. There is FAR better glass out there for the price.
  6. I see them at agua and they have out of the world prices. 370 for a showerhead bubbler??!! Anything that looks like it stacks is 480-600.

  7. Showerhead bubbler for $370? i can probably find one around $150, $200 topz
  8. They may have very high prices but it is very easy to find I mean VERY EASY to find then for Whosale prices without having to order Whosale quantity.
  9. I'm just taking about retail prices guys. I really don't know anything about wholesale prices lol. Having crazy high prices to start for production peices right at the start is not a good business model IMO.
  10. As stated before Pyrology was founded by Very highly experienced Illadelph lathe workers who were tired of making simple prodo shit (the kind Illadelph makes). Instead of making simple beakers all day every day they decided to start their own company for more innovative percs and newer more modern glass designs. Pyrology is of the same level as illadelph insofar as quality and price. Illadelph is commonly known as being overpriced and therefore if you have former Illadelph workers making new glass at also a somewhat high price then it is safe to say you have the same glass as Illadelph, the only difference is the perc designs, sizes and shapes of bubblers. Pyrology > Illadelph anyday. I just don't think people have ever become attached to their pyrology glass. I have heard great things, but I see used Pyrology bubs going up for sale everywhere all the time. Nothing wrong with that, but just so you have some background info.
  11. This is a Custom Double Bubbler by Pyrology that I really want to snag used from someone. It retailed $800 new
  12. I love my pyrology oil rig and so foes everyone who uses it
  13. iv been interested in this company. heard their background before. i never liked illadelph's designs or prices, but iv seen some worked stuff by these pyrology guys that looked pretty nice. although, the clear stuff for the retail being asked is alot for not being well established.

    most interesting to me about pyrology is the the resemblance of the pyrology "stew" , to the circdisc design i was doing in 2010. feels good when people's new stuff is your old jam ;)

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  14. ^^ 2010 defi circdisc (not pyrology)
  15. I saw some on Aqua and almost bought a rig. I like the long neck peices.
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    My favorites from Pyrology


    Zii X Pyrology collabs. You don't even wanna know the price :p
  17. Yeah check out my thread called Pyrology appreciation for some reason it isn't letting me paste pictures
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    lmao defi circ/disc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>pyrology stew anyday!
    but yeh pyrology has some cool pieces but I would not pay their prices.

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