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Pyrethrum Fogger

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by hardball420, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. This thread is to gather info anyone might have on pyrethrum fogger products.
    I used one today, and upon examination one sativa plant (pineapple thai, one of four) about 2 weeks into flowering and all the pistils have turned orange, but are only slightly wilted. The other three were treated with a height regulator ( side by side comparison test) and show only a few orangy pistils. All indicas appear unchanged.
  2. Pyrethrum is very safe, did you fog during lights on or off?
  3. The lights were off and had been off for about 2 or 3 hours. The room has a floor plan of about 200 sq ft. The can says up to 3000, I assume, cubic ft. The pistils on the one sativa are growing back, but I thought it was interesting that only the one I had NOT treated with paclobutrazol was dramatically affected. Also, despite their retarded appearance, the production level thus far (compared to untreated) is quite impressive. Each of the three have about five or six bud sites, compared to five or six dozen located on the control. Short, fat and healthy looking. In addition, they haven't asked for nutes yet, which I cannot say about ol tall and spindly. I had assumed fogging with the lights on could be dangerous to the plants and equipment. When is the best time, from your experience, and how late into flowering is it safe to use them, as far as flavor and smoke go? Or is it not even noticeable? Thanks, you got the goods, Mr.
  4. Pyrethrum products are usually safe to use up to the day of harvest because it breaks down in hours. All you do is wash the plant off with distilled water before you cut it down. The foggers usually have buetal dioxide or something like that in it to increase the effectiveness... So I would only use it up to a week away from harvest and use a pure pyrethrum spray instead later on. Always remember to rinse the plants off before you cut them down. They get a little dusty over their long flowering period unless you have serious HEPA filtration all over everything.

    It's best to do it in the dark and keep extraction fans off for the whole night cycle, or at least 4 hours from what I remember. Keep your circulation fans on though so the fog gets blown all around.

    It's best to use a fogger when you have a bug problem, or inbetween harvests. There isn't a best time to use one during flower because even though they are safe, you can see some damage from time to time depending on a lot of things.

    You should use some sort of neem oil with azadactrin like BioNeem by Safer every week or so if you want to prevent the bugs from coming around.

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