Pwned the vending machine

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wet Horse Lips, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Earlier today in my residence, my roommate visited the vending machines in the basement. He tried to get some Skittles, but they managed to get caught on the little hook thingy.

    So anyways, went down there not long ago, and saw the Skittles hanging there. I purchased the Skittles, and in doing so, I caused my roomie's treats as well as mine to fall. It was swell. I also bought dill pickle chips.

  2. lmfao! dude... ur sig is still prolly one of my favorites on GC. Congratz on the win.
  3. haha i know man the sig is crazy its like BAM horse and then a random orville redenbacher logo, i wanna try some dill pickle chips
  4. haha nice man... if you could just send those skittles my way...
  5. shit happened to me before
    started kicking and hittin the machine and the shit wouldnt fall
    last time i used one
  6. one time i tried to buy some doritos and they got stuck so i kicked the crap out of the vending machine. oddly though a cinnamon bun fell down instead, of course that's awesome cuz it's worth 25 cents more! SCORE!!!!
  7. I remember once in college I walked by one of the vending machines late at night and noticed someone had broken in the bottom right corner of the glass and stolen all the candy in one of the rows. I was disappointed that there wasn't any free candy left so I ripped the coil out and brought it back to my dorm. I still have it.

    (IDK after seeing that annoying Pizza Hut commercial I felt compelled to say that)
  9. Seinfield anyone?
  10. Title made me laugh.

    Reminds me of a seinfeld episode..

    [ame=]YouTube - Seinfeld - Twix Complaint[/ame]

  11. AHHHHahahaahaaa
  12. QF-fucking-T
  13. What? :confused:

  14. QFT = Quoted For Truth
  15. i love getting an extra snack.

    one time in highschool i got like 8 gatorades from a gatorade machine when i only put in enough for one, needless to say i was estatic.
  16. man I'm laughing my ass off here, haha. Vending oh man.

    [ame=]YouTube - Vending Machine Fail[/ame]
  17. HAHAHA, oh wow. I really do get too high.

    I thought you were gonna be all trollish; thought QFT was "Quit fucking talking"...

    Fuck, Horse Lips, get in tha game...

    That failblog vid is fucking hilarious too.:smoke:

  18. I'm no troll, but I will occasionally toss Just Fucking Google It to people who ask really stupid questions
  19. Skittles are the only food I can eat when Im on acid.

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