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  1. Just curious about making flower pots out of 4 or 6 inch pvc pipe just make them like 12" tall and then u would be able to veg a little longer in a sea of green.. I remember seeing a post about something similar a few months ago
  2. I was thinking of something similiar but with maybe 10" or 12" instead.

  3. http://forum.grasscity.com/hydroponic-growing/713417-width-~-vs-~-depth-roots.html

    I have started out with the 4" like I posted in my thread but it failed due to a lack of root space at the top. plants grew ok but never really filled in during the budding stage. when I took it all apart the roots were all bound up in the top six inches. I have yet to try a six inch pipe.. but from what I tried it seems like if the top roots get all bound up the plant will start to fail.I still want to try the 6 inch pipe.. :smoke:
  4. Thx guys i was thinking the 6" pipes instead as long as there not exceptionally deep maybe 8 or 10 inches i think the roots will hqve room to move down
  5. I think the six will work but you may have to go a little longer than 8 or 10 inches. it maybe alright if you start with a clone and go straight to budding. But if you veg them long they will run out of root space..
  6. Ya i run zero veg from clone so i should be golden
  7. hey bro, ive found that root size is very relevent to canopy size. if you want to do this over a soil bed so the roots are below the pipe you will notice a radical change. the cross section veiw would look like a dumbell on end. roots below the pipe and canopy above and stem and soils in between. overall i cant see a real benefit unless your short of planters. for a sog, the root system may not have to be big for the plant if-n the plant aint huge either. a sog started flowering at 8 inches may do ok in 6s but id do 8s for the extra root space. if the roots must stay in the cylinder then youll def want loose soil for oxygen up-take. too much sand or clayish soil will plug the show! i think some peat and vermiculated peralite in a good mulched soil may work in a tube, but i still think roots below the pvc would work best as the pvc would keep th moisture from running away from the root area but also could cause it to dry too rapidly if sunlight was on the plastic.
    cant substantiat but in general i think you could provide a much better growing condition for mj particularly. good luck and perhaps im full of it and you can post some pics for me. id like to know if it works, but have reservations that id be wasting my time. i will do some outdoor tomaters this summer but in 10s
  8. thx for the info man i like to hear all sides and i will be flowering no whee near 8 inches i go from rooted clone to flower no veg at all thx man
  9. pvc is poison plastic never use it!!!. use polyurathane ( however you spell it )

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