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Putting weed in cig.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeweed1, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So I live on a college campus and I was to smoke while walking to class. I took all but about a quarter inch of tobacco out of the cig and put weed in.

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  2. was there a question?
  3. if you smoked that thing with the filter on you only wasted weed and ruined a good cig lol.
  4. Just get a one hitter cig bat and do it for real just keep real cig in your hand to light in case of emergency.

  5. ^^ Those things suck, my friend jacked one from a store, and it was horrible. + They were charging 15 bucks for it lmao, don't get one, waste of money.
  6. they aren't that bad man, my boy has one and we got a pretty good wake and bake from like 2/3 packs
  7. First things last, you probably discovered this right after you lit that spliff, but marijuana burns at a higher(non pun intended) temperature than tobacco. So right when you tried to light the end of the spliff, you maybe got one good hit(assuming the filter didn't remove the THC content /shrug) but the paper burned fast, and whatever weed you packed in there probably fell out charred around the edges, and green in the middle. Why? Because the paper used in making cigerattes is cheap rice paper. Not made to withstand burning temps of cannabis.

    If you're at college, i'd advise getting the cigeratte bat, or a vaporizer. At lesat with a vaporizer, you can smoke in the shower in the morning, or even in your room as long as you're careful. The new portable ones, you can also hide inside a big-gulp, run the straw threw the lid, and while you're taking vape hits, it looks like you're drinking water.


    edit... Rookie.
  8. Yeah sometimes we did that when we had no papers. Back in the day.

    Take the filter out and replace it with a cardboard roach. Your good to go without drawing attention. Apart from the smell of cause. :p
  9. Yea I smoke on campus with a cig bat. It's really convenient if you have to be inconspicuous
  10. just walk around with a joint and if anyone says anything to you, tell them to fuck off.

  11. That includes campus police.
  12. #13 Box of Rain, Sep 14, 2009
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    I usually just smoke a joint anywhere, aside from really crowded places. Just hold it between your index and middle like a cigarette and just act normal. 90% of people will think it is a cig unless you are right next to them and they can smell it.

    Only bring the one you plan to smoke as well, as if you have any trouble you can eat it, which makes it that much harder for you to get in trouble.

    Happy toking.

    just use normal papers, and if you must use cig paper please take the filter out.
  13. It's called a secret agent and it's damn stupid for one simple reason: that paper burns so fast you waste half the weed. And if you smoked it with a filter you wasted it all, so I hope you weren't an ultra dumbass instead of just being a dumbass.
  14. ^^^ ESPECIALLY campus police :D

  15. most definitely them

  16. That kind of bat doesn't work at all, at least for me.

    I have one with grinder teeth around the bowl. It makes it load really fast, tight, and makes it burn better and look more like a real cigs cherry. And less shiny silver around the cherry to get you busted.

    If you have one of those without the teeth, I would suggest you make them with a file, every few milimeters, put a trench a few milimeters wide... I'm not describing it well, but you can probly find a picture on google images or something, it's not complicated.

    Doing that with repacking a cig will work, but is a pain in the ass and wastes weed. (Don't listen to people who say the filter is why it's wasteful, it's not true, you'll get blazed just fine thru it, just like you get a nicotine buzz thru it. But it just takes a lot of bud to pack a cig is all)

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