Putting thousands of files in an ISO to save space

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  1. Would I be correct in saying that if I put thousands of small photos (which I am not going to edit at all) into an ISO file or a VHD/VMDK, it would be better for the filesystem because the files are not wasting cluster space? My logic is that since two separate files cannot occupy the same cluster, it would save space because it would be one gigantic file instead of thousands of space-hoggings ones.

    Side question: Since an SSD is technically a super-fast flash drive, would this same phenomena occur?
  2. It's not worth your hassle. That is not really a practical method of storage optimization IMO. If you were talking about hundreds of gigabytes of photos, you would save maybe a couple gigs using that method.

    If you really need to save disk space then you need to use compression algorithms. Compress the photos into a tar.gz or a .zip or a .rar. That will get you some real space savings.
  3. pretty much what feanor said. the best route would be to either compress the files or get a portable hard drive, their pretty cheap. cds are a bit of a hassle cos you have to do all kinds of formatting n what not.

    as for your other question, technically, no. what makes ssd fast is that it doesn't have to load off of a hard disk. if your having hard drive speed issues i'd suggest defragmenting your files, cleanup the registry, delete temp files. if you have a shit load of music, games, and pictures - i highly suggest you get a portable HD or just buy another HD too free up space on your main.
  4. Just remember not to defrag an ssd if you get one.

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