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Putting the end of Joints/Blunts in a Bong Bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bindin13, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I was just getting to the end of my joint and it was getting to short to hit, so I was like what if I just put it in my bong while it was still rolling.

    Shit worked perfect. Was able to burn 100% of the joint.

    Any else heard of this, or do this?? Or do you just get to a point where you like fuck hittin this roach and just throw it?
  2. Do it all the time, unless i wanna hit some second gen jojnts
  3. A girl showed this to me before last year, I actually used this method a few days ago. you can smoke them down pretty good.
  4. yeah, I was just high as fuck and I tried it. Worked Great, got 3 huge rips out of my bong. I would've roached it if I didn't put it in the bong.
  5. At this point I usually just break them open and throw the contents into the bowl. I don't much see the point of smoking the paper, sure it has resins on it, but that's just me.
  6. i do this with my dugout. works perfectly. plus it looks funny smoking a fake cigarette with a joint hanging off the end.
  7. The bud in the joint/blunt burn slower than it would if you took it out + you got the resin and what not.
  8. Yeah they work really good in gravity bongs too. I have a mini grave bong I made so it's perfect to fill it up

  9. It's convenient because you don't have to relight it. That's about the only difference.
  10. I have done this for a while, I don't suggest blunts. Ewww. Through bong blunt paper taste like asshole. I like just putting them out and making second gen blunts with all the bud with rez in it.
  11. do it all the rather put it in a one hitter or the bubbs
  12. For large groups (usually around the holidays, or special occasions), we'll sometimes roll large, 10-15g cones or more rarely, blunts, and burn them through water pipes from start to finish, to cut back on the down-time caused by packing fresh bowls. :)

    It's not as tasty as fresh individual packs, but it's a lot of fun, and saves a lot of bowl-packing time with an especially large group.

    It gives the guests something to immediately look forward to, leaving you more time to pack (if it's not what you're using already) higher quality material, frosty 'show bud', hash and concentrates etc... So it's good for the rare gathering :)
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    Yeah, same here
  14. If I'm smoking a blunt I'll smoke it until it's gonna burn my finger. Just hold the roach close to your lips and inhale. I laugh everytime my friends put the roach to their lips and get burned
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  15. Usually when my joint/blunt gets down to a roach I either save it or gut it and put the roach weed in my bubbler/bong.

    Ive put a full blunt in my Bong with weed packed around it to keep it from moving and smoked it like that, bong rips from blunts are awesome haha.

  16. I was forced to try this in a gatorade bottle. That shit is so nasty. The smoke gets stale from blunts quick.
  17. I do it, but I pack more green on top.:bongin:
  18. Do it right and get a double beezy
  19. IMG_20170409_120123.jpg

    Double beezy IMG_20170409_120123.jpg
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  20. I have been doin that since 1973.

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