Putting THC up your ass?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by d4rkw0lf, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. I use to do ecstasy, and I know if you put an ecstasy or meth pill up your ass it'd keep you high for longer, and not be so harsh.

    I was wundering, what if you put THC up your ass would it do anything? Or does it have to be smoked, ingested.
  2. If you're that desperate for a non-harsh, intense high... make brownies :p
  3. they already have Marinol suppositories.
  4. must...stop head from exploding...ah!....
  5. I enjoy smoking marijuana. I do not enjoy shoving things up my ass. Even if putting weed up your butt would get you higher, I wouldnt do it.
  6. TBQH I'd probably try it.
  7. Funny shit, but me personaly, I wouldn't put that shit up there.
  8. even if there is a way, i dont wanna know about. If your really that desperate to get even higher, just smoke some more:cool:
  9. i dont think you could jus strait shove weed in your ass in get high

    maybe make some cannibutter n lube up a blunt tube n fuck yourself with it or somethin
  10. ya it would work.. dunno if anyone would ever do it though

    EDIT: has to be cooked though first
  11. Dude thats gross, I was just thinking of stealing these THC pills my cancer freind gets, and stuff a bunch of them up there.
  12. And also it wouldn't get you higher, it would just make your high last twice as long, and sometimes you can't shit right.
  13. what the fuck this title of thread is disturbing to reead, some mods should take it out!!!

    U guys are sick F's!!!! HOW THE HECK man im leaving...
  14. thats fucking stupid and gross at the same time. eww.
  15. this thread reminded me of the south park episode where cartman sticks food up his buut and shits out his mouth lmao

  16. thats pretty fucked up stealing meds off a cancer patient
  17. sticking anything up your ass is a bad idea, its a one way dirt road, Ive never been able to figure out that facination of sticking things up your ass or doing your girlfriend in the ass or whatever else people do with their asses when no ones looking. Its made for one thing and one thing only and that is shitting! poo comes out of it, fricken poo!
  18. well I wouldbn't have to STEAL, like hes cool with it
  19. Serious bro thats FUCKED UP. Man you fucking suck at life. *thumbs down to you* on a lighter note I lol'd at that south park episode.
  20. God damn, I already said!

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