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Putting iso in bong water

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cree8, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Is it safe/good idea to put a few drops of rubbing alcohol (isoprophyl) in the bong water? It gives off really bad fumes if u put to much but a few drops seem doesnt seem to give off a smell. The iso will probably keep the rez from building up and also make the smoke wreak it a little less. I havent tried to smoke a bowl yet just becuase i dont know if its safe. Could the iso fumes be bad?
  2. Yes they could. Don't even think about doing this.
  3. but isnt it the same fumes that comes off of all alcohol products?
  4. iso isnt like regular alcohol products, which are safe (relatively) to ingest; unlike iso

  5. Go ahead man it's your decision.

    I don't know how you came up with such an idea but it sounds ridiculous and dangerous to me:(
  6. i don't see why you didn't just google it before making a stupid thread.
  7. alcohol absorbs thc so you'll be lowering the potency of the smoke. that should be a good enough reason right there
  8. It's not a stupid thread, it's a valid question.

    As the above posted noted, you'll be reducing THC intake slightly, but with only a few drops you honestly won't notice.

    Since it would be heavily diluted by the water, it probably wouldn't affect you at all. If you feel comfortable enough to try (I honestly think you'd be okay as long as you don't put too much in) I'd like to hear the results.
  9. You think a few drops will prevent resin from building up? Yeah right. I'm almost 100% sure it will hardly make a difference. In order for it to make a difference, you'd need it to be probably 50% iso. But inhaling that would make you blind. So common sense says this idea is a fail
  10. #11 Cree8, Nov 14, 2011
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    actually the iso/water did stop the resin from building up but i dont think the fumes is enough to risk it. id rathre just clean my bong every few days. Maybe another solvent could be used that doesnt have toxic fumes?
  11. What? Why? Just dump the water out and clean the bong after using it. Don't put alcohol in the water and then use it again. You can clean the bong out with alcohol though, just make sure to rinse it out and let it dry completely.
  12. lol would you shower in a tub that was covered in cleaning solution still? You don't want to put those products in your body, just clean it with iso after and then wash it with hot water bro.
  13. I remember seeing a thread here recently that said something about using a few drops of lemon juice. Not sure if it would help or just get sticky.
  14. are you friends with the guy that asked about using gasoline as bong water?
  15. just put in some lemon juice, it smells good and keeps the rez off the glass. Rubbing alcohol is fucked to the head
  16. its only a good idea if u use pure iso, or even better just use gasoline, as someone suggested earlier today.
  17. Put a couple drops of lemon in.

    I hear that works.

  18. lol...
  19. i like the gasoline idea, just make sure you completely submerge your bong + slide in it, then light promptly after, no need to let it dry first. ;)

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