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putting filters in your joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fatmagg, May 27, 2010.

  1. I always use a filter when Rollin my j's. but is there any negative effects with them? I know it's not filtering the smoke but the weed from getting in ur mouth. I'm just wondering. thanks
  2. yeah the filters absorb most of the thc so your wasting the weed. Rip the damn filter off and you'll get higher with less. This is common knowledge by now.
  3. Indeed
  4. if by filter you mean like a cigarette filter, i wouldnt do that...

    but sometimes i roll up a piece of paper and stick it in there, that shouldn't make a difference.
  5. My cousin in California says she never saw a filter until she saw me rolling. She didn't say anything about not being high. We usually split a j and we'd both get blazed.

    And she has a way higher tolerance than me. I don't know about any negative effects.

    Oh and by filter, I mean a rolled up paper. Not cigarette filter.
  6. if you mean ciggarette filters? HELLO NO! it absorbs thc

    Roll up a wee bit of card =] it elts the thc laiden smoke flow deep insideyou
  7. if you mean just a little piece of a business card or something like it, that's fine..

    i don't think it's bad for you, because that part isn't getting burned
  8. You've gotta be kidding...:rolleyes:

    Dont use filters...that is all.:smoking:
  9. I like filters... I usually roll up spliffs so I just put a bit of tobacco near the filter so that I know when to toss it. There is no way that a rolled up bit of card is collecting as much thc as the weed that is getting resined up at the roach of the joint.

  10. chill dude. he said "not by filtering the smoke." he's talking about a rolled up piece of paper stuck at the end so you wont burn lips or fingers, as well as keeping weed out of your mouth.
  11. What about the little filters you buy at your headshop? Mine are the zen ones I got with my roller. They don't seem like they are made of the same stuff normal cigarette filters are made of.

    Any ideas?
  12. I wish people would say 'roach tip' instead of "filter" it confuses people lol..
    Roach tip is the only way to go, proper joints are rolled with roach tips...
  13. I never see a need in using a filter. But it can't hurt I guess...
  14. It's not a bad thing to use a filter, but I prefer not to use them.
  15. yea I'm just talking about a little piece of note card rolled up. not head shop filters or cigarette filters.
  16. dude not if its cardboard or hard paper, damn u got me worried when I read that

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