putting dmt in a blunt

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by drug, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. is this a good idea
    or is it just a waste of deemsters
  2. i assume it'd be a waste because you'll prolly be wantin to put that blunt out early.. depending on how much deemsters you load up in there

    i've had em sprinkled in a joint, and with several heads on it, we each got a few good rips. wasn't too much ya know
  3. im pretty sure that if u did that u would waste all of it...from what i understand u dont burn DMT but u heat it up...almost like vaporizing
  4. go buy a meth pipe
  5. putting it in a blunt would be a waste, Ive looked all over for the best way to smoke it and its by making a MACHINE,
    its a easy vaporizer anyone can make type it into google there should be somthing.
  6. ya ive made my own
    i just thot it wud be cool to mayb sprinkle some in at one end of the blunt
  7. nah thats a waste, should vaporize it if your looking for a breakthrough.
  8. total waste bro, dmt isnt active at that high of a temp, putting any flame on it will burn up an waste it, you have to heat it up to hit dmt.
  9. Ok I am going to add experience to this. It might work as I have burnt DMT a few times and it still does the job. I have also put it into a spliff before and it gives you a light trippy feeling where everything looks brighter but it also seems to have more of a body load and really isn't very intence or long lasting. It also completely ruined the taste of the spliff.

    A blunt might be different as they burn hotter then spliffs though. If I were you i would freebase it then have a blunt or something if you still can.

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