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Putting cannabis in freezer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CannabiSalvia, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. My buddy told me this is a good idea and insisted that i should put my harvest in the freezer while curing.
    can anyone inform me on why this might be a good idea?
  2. The proccess of curing is so the water content in the herbs can spread out evenly from the inside core of the nugget to the outside. If buds are frozen and so is the water content than i dont see how this proccess could take place. AFtER curing, sure this can be done just like any other vegetable material to preserve its shelf life.....I havent tried to cure buds in the freezer so i can not say it cant be done. Its just not somthing people do and doesnt seem like it would work.
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    Never put freshly harvested herb in the freezer. It needs to be properly dried first.
    Drying and curing is 2 different processes. Drying is done to bring the moisture content to 10-15%. If there is more than 15%, mold can take hold.
    Curing comes after drying to bring out the best taste and is done by letting the the freshly dried bud air for a few minutes every day for a minumum of 7 days.
    Dried buds can be frozen and the curing process can be skipped at the cost of taste.
  4. Do not freeze your bud. Trichomes don't like it.

    Best to keep in a cool dry dark place
  5. You put your dry buds/trim in freezer pre-THC extraction before you grind it up. It breaks the trichs off the plant matter so you make sure most of the THC is extracted for hash or w/e.
  6. Well, then there's that...
    I failed to mention that. Thanks soneoo!

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