putting a tarp to protect from frost??

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  1. if i put a tarp on my plants in the night to protect from frost and i was to remove it when it was sunrise would this be okay? would this make a greater chance of mold?
  2. i was thinking about useing a sheet to keep my plants warm over night, but never thought about the mold possibility, but i believe the sheet breathes so it should be fine with a sheet
  3. I would think it would promote mold, but just go there next day and remove it so the plant does not get burned or bestroyed by the tarp itself
  4. Put the tarp over your plants not ON them.
  5. Use newspapers, a cardboard box, or an upside down pot...if you use the box or pot, put a brick or rock on top...
  6. See if wal mart is selling all their hand warmers . In the summer they go for dirt cheap. Buy a shitload of them and hang them on your plants :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    First off how big and tall are you plants? You said mold, Are you plants budding? Being that the frost is comming I hope so.

    Again if you have large plants I would not put a tarp on them. The weight of the tarp would just crush them or blow them flat if a wind comes.

    depending on how big your plant is they make all kinds of cover for them.

    So how big are your plants? Are you worried about stealth?
  8. i use cloth..... i work at a nursery and when we have frost we use this white cloth that is specialized for keeping plant from getting frost burn.....im probably going to have to use it for my 2 plants that are finnishing a lil later than expected
  9. Well if you check out my grow my plants are fairly good size and I also need to protect them. I was thinking of building a form out of pvc pipe to lay the tarp over and not on them. Anyone who would lay a tarp or anything else on their plants shouldn't be growing lol. But stealth? Why stealth if you only need the cloth/tarp over them at night, hence where people would have to try hard to even come across it accidentally. Good luck
  10. okay my plants are about between 5' - 6' 4" and yeah i need stealth they have about a month and a week before harvest and i live in canada so frost is a issue.. first grow btw :D

  11. Make a tee pee out of three large poles? Wrape your tarp or whatever around the tee pee. Put it up at night and take down in the morning.

    Kind of like this. it's pretty simple.

  12. I assume this is a backyard grow, why not have a fan blowing on them? frost cannot settle if there is airflow...
  13. Just throw old bedsheet on the plant when there a frost warning check daily
  14. What happens if it rain or wind? Smash your plant?
  15. Try a camouflage pattern tent !!

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