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putting a seed in dirt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnywilks, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. a friend of mine wanted to grow a plant. he put a seed in a small pot of dirt from his garden .He is going to water it once a day.

    i honestly know nothing about growing, what results can he expect?
  2. We shall wait and see.

    Obviously not as efficient as advanced hydroponics. But it might get the job done.

  3. that nature for ya, except seeds can't dig holes, so it's got a head start.
  4. could it actually grow?
  5. Any plant with dirt, sun, water can grow.
  6. Could work man if mother nature is kind. Just hope the odds play out.
  7. I wouldn't get your hopes up but you never know, it's worth a shot I suppose. The seed itself might be no good. I couldn't even germinate the seeds I had left over, but then again I might just suck at the whole growing scene:smoke:
  8. theres a chance it may work if all elements are at play,,,,,,only time will tell.
  9. meh, i've dont this before. Probably won't actually start to bud though, especially if you dont know what you are doing.
  10. Germinate it first. And water every 3 days. You should be fine. Also use a big pot or it will stop growing :)
  11. I had an idea about this. What if all the stoners across Canada and the US just decided to save up all their seeds from their weed, and randomly plant them across the countries. Like at the side of highways, in parks, anywhere they can find. So eventually the police will have to give up, because no matter where you go, this plant will thrive. The police will look stupid trying to destroy nature when it's everywhere.
  12. only one problem...... not many people get seeds in there weed.....

  13. Plenty enough do tho. A qp of dirt reg has like a couple hundred seeds, we sgould be straight.
    And to op, what is your friend gonna do when it gets to be a 5 foot marijuana plant? Alot easier to hide now than it will later.
  14. B i n g o!!!
  15. B a n g o!!!
  16. I love people who know absolutely nothing about nature.
    He probably didn't even germinate it.
  17. I don't understand?? :confused:
    Are you asking if nature plays her course?then yes, yes it should
  18. First grow? Outside? This time of year? I wouldn't expect anything close to or more than a half-O.
    Probably even closer to around a quarter...but you never know until you grow it! (What type of strain, do you know? Indica's tend to be smaller and Sativa's tend to be larger plants)

    You might want to check out this section for better answers? (Not that the ones are aren't good, just the right section = better answers)
  19. germinate it first though!
  20. I frequently have seeds in my weed :(. Never tried to plant any though. Good luck lol

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