Putting a plug on a t8 hard wired shop light

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  1. Howdy, so I have some basic soldering skills, and not much$,
    I was given a bunch of fairly new 2 foot 4 bulb shop lights and a bunch of brand new 4 foot , 4 bulb , t8 shop lights that are ( were ) hardwiring and I would like to know if there is a safe easy way to convert them into plug-in lights

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  2. Go to your local hardware store and get some 14 /3 SJOOW cable or extension cord and some male plug ends. Strip the cable back an 1". There will be 3 wires you attach to the plug, black to the gold screw, white to the silver and and green to green. The other end inside the light which you will.need a connector for, black to black white to white and green to the frame of the light.

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