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Putting a Little bit of ash wth joint's,for taste

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smooth Criminal, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Have you heard that if you put some pure ash from your bowl into a joint,it tastes better.I personally tried it,and it has a really good taste.
  2. Sounds like bull honestly. Bowls always taste disgusting when you finish them.
  3. If its pure ash, it wouldn't make any smoke?
  4. [quote name='"zach2753"']If its pure ash, it wouldn't make any smoke?[/quote]

  5. It won't,but when you mix it up with your weed/tobacco it gives you some nice and light taste along the joint.
  6. Depending on whether or not you use enough, it's along the lines of the same principle as filtration. It's not something I bother with, but it leaves more 'freshly created' waste in the overall ash that you tip off because as mentioned earlier, it doesn't burn (unlike the herb that would usually collect that waste), and what little 'vapor' and combusted essence, rather than debris, that manages to pass through completely, has the chance to be just a bit more pure.
  7. ew that just sounds like something an amateur to weed would say, not that i have anything against lightweights, because we were all there at one point.
    But the stupidity in the question you asked is just pathetic. I know i probably sound like a dick, but what else is there to say to such a dumb question
  8. You do sound like a dick. Maybe instead be a bit nicer, ask if it really worked and if it did, ask if he'd recommend it.

    There's too many asshats in the world man, don't be one of them. A questions a question, ease on the newbie. :)
  9. pretty much agree with fuzee. there just seems like theres something sketchy with putting ash in a joint... do you know what im saying
  10. Whats sketchy about it? Do you stop smoking your bowls once you char the top and create a layer of ash? People have smoked hash on beds of ashes for decades, hasn't been too big of a problem
  11. #11 Forked Up, Mar 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 14, 2012
    Lick the outside of the j and roll it around in your ashtray. :p
  12. no im just saying in my opinion it just seems a little weird to take ash from a bowl and stick it in a joint. doesnt mean it is sketchy but thats just how i feel. in the end though if we were smoking and you brought the bud and wanted to throw some ash in the joint go ahead. its your weed you do what you wish with it.
  13. that just sounds nasty im sure it would only make your joint taste like a beat bowl
  14. I'm surprised that no one here besides beagle, is familiar with the fact people regularly use beds of fine ash, for their hash and sometimes even concentrates.

    Clean, properly flushed herb, creates a white flavorless, odorless ash. It's already been burned as much as it can be. People regularly use charcoal, and ash from various plants, to filter both air, and water.

    The concept may sound funny to those who are unaware how filtration works, but to educated folk, the advice is actually somewhat sound and economic if you're looking for a safe way to mix things up a bit. :)

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