Putting a finish on a pipe.

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  1. To make what could be a very long story a short and sweet one.

    A buddy of mine had a friend of his make him a pipe in his wood shop.
    Supposedly, it is made out of Pine. While we know softwoods aren't the preferred wood to smoke out of, its what we have :rolleyes:

    We want to put a finish on it, and i've seen many sites reccomend olive oil. How long would i have to soak it, how long would it take to dry, what else would i have to do, etc.

    any good advice will be greatly appreciated. :hello:
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    Dont smoke out of it!! Pine has to much sap and can seriously hurt you. Pine's flammable and full of resin. The last kind of wood you want
  3. Here's an article i found

    Pine or fir, the woods out of which they make construction lumber, are the last kinds of wood you'd want to use for a pipe. They're light, flammable, and full of resin. If the pipe doesn't catch on fire, you'd be inhaling vaporized pine resin - not something with which you want to coat the insides of your lungs.

    Originally Posted by mondaymonkey
    I made one out of cedar... didn't work well... everytime I took a hit i would smell like a smoked salmon

    Cedar is another soft wood that's great for smoking fish, but not smoking out of, for the same reasons as pine and fir.

    For a pipe, you want the densest hardwood you can find, so it won't reach ignition temperature when the contents do. Briar is the ideal wood for making pipes. You can buy blocks of briar from many places on the Internet. I've smoked pipes made from ebony, oak, and hickory. The briar pipes are better
  4. for real that shit could be deadly
  5. Cherry wood is also good, I think you can find a piece at lowe's for around 10 bucks. Or just get a cheap glass pipe.
  6. Whoa, thanks for the quick reply. We were going to finish drilling it and such tonight. What about Oak, and in the situation where we do have a good wood, how would you finish it with say, olive oil. Details on before and after finishing if its anything helpful or important. Thanks again!

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