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putting a diffused downstem in my JBD

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stickey_fingerz, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. first off is it possible, i havent really tried pulling the open ended down stem out yet, because i dont want to break my 2 week old bong, but is it even possible for bakers?
  2. do you have the original JBD with grom downstem? i supposed you could buy a going diffuser as long as it fits right. i dont know what you would use to seal it though. ask your local headshop to help you out.
  3. diffusers on something her than a gong is a little unheard of
  4. just checked with my headshops the JBD is actually an ARTS which is basically 2nd generation cousin jeff or something like that, some of the blowers from jbd lied to the feds and were able to go into the old workshop after being shutdown and raided and took the stamps and the acrylic designs that they put around the bottom part of the tube right above the base...and the becuase the joint isnt glass on glass its rubber sealed, it doesnt work....
  5. Nonsense My buddies and I have plenty of bongs with diffusers that are not GonG pieces. I feel it's less common to see a GonG without a diffy

    but anyways to answer the OP yes it can be done. I don't know about your bong but with the last one that I changed the downstem on the grommet that holds it into the bong was glued to the downstem so it was very challenging to get out. Heat it up and pull to try to get it out.

    good luck on installing that diffuser
  6. yea just work it out i stuck a glass on glass diffused stem in a rubber on plastic zong slide.
  7. i know JBD are usualy big atthe bottom and it would take a lot of beads but why dont you try diffuser beads instead?
  8. #8 Snowy Sessions, Mar 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2009
    couple weeks ago my friend got a nice 18" beaker bottom w/ icecatch. the main joint is rubber grommet, but the downstem that came with it has a GonG joint. so i bring my diffy over, put it in the downstem and, although a lil unconventional, it works perfect.

    false. as proven by paragraph 1. also, at PipeDreams (headshop were me+my buddies get all of our smoking gear) carries rubber grommet to GonG diffys. male joint is made to fit rubber-grommet, while the female joint is GonG.

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