Puttin pipe into oven?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by MOBYDICK, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys just a quick question..

    Im scraping resin today out of my 5-inch pipe and i was wondering...

    how long should i leave my pipe in the oven for at 400 degrees?

  2. Um...don't do that

    Salt + ISO

  3. what he said
  4. Just take dry hits or scrape it out.
  5. Ok well i did go ahead and put it in at 400

    For no longer than 60 seconds. My pipe didnt that hot, but it was noticeable warm enough to handle with bare hands.
  6. Heat up the pipe with a lighter, not an oven. the resin will start to bubble and hiss and will be more fluid and can come right out if you blow on it. Clean the rest out by heating the pipe and using a paperclip.

  7. what he said. just hold the lighter under your bowl and use some pliers to bend a paper clip into a little hook/rake thing that you can pull all the resin out with. if you want it clean as the day you bought it then use iso and salt or sand

    putting your bowl in the oven is retarted. easy way to break shit
  8. make a pot of boiling water and put it in there for a few minutes and youre good to go
  9. holy shit get this man some rubbing alcohol and salt jesus christ

    isopropryl alcohol and salt is so fucking cheap, go to a drug store and dont fuck up ur pipe

    put it in a plastic baggy with salt and rubbing alcohol and shake for like 5 mins

    TA DA
  10. Guys!!!!I belive he is scraping it so he can smoke the resin? , if i were you id put it in for not very long or heat it with a lighter, but dont heat it to mutch or it will start to bubble and smoke. happy scraping.
  11. Listen here is a way to get the most resin out without using rubbing alcohol. Grab yourself a microwavable bowl. Fill it with water and stick into the microwave for about 2-4mins it will be hot as hell SOOOO be careful. next put the bowl in to the water and swoosh it around for a while use a tooth pick to get into the hard to reach areas and also leave the bowl head in the water and blow into it releasing the resin. Ok so you have a shit load of resin in a bowl of water what do you do with it? Hmmmm ok well get yourself a bounty paper towel or a coffie filter and place it over the whole in your sink, empty the contense of the bowl through the filter. Grab a spoon scrape, let dry, and there you go more resin then you know what to to with.
  12. Whats ISO? And what does that and Salt do ?
  13. clean it like you normaly would with alcohol and salt  then putt your piece in the oven on 190-200 F and let that sit for 30 min to an hour.
  14. God you have to be the most desperately addicted smoker if you scrape out resin and smoke it. That's so fuckin nasty. I know you might not have access to as much weed, but have some class. For fucks sake. Do you also go pick out cigarette butts from public ashtrays to smoke?

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  15. This thread is 6 years old and the OP hasn't been to the City for 4 years.
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