Puttin it down for the Crown

Discussion in 'General' started by Doggmann420, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Anyone like Kottonmouth Kings? Thats what we listen to when we blaze around here Ithink every stoner should know about them They are mostly underground
  2. There actually pretty mainstream, though they don't play there shit on the radio. At least, not around here.
  3. Underground.. haha..

    They are garbage, Every Bro and Trendy Pot Head here listen's to then. If they didn't smoke weed they would have no street credit, there shit is whack, and they need to get some talent.
  4. Yeah you must be retarded cause that why people listen to them because everysong is about weed and I'd like to see you fuck with D-loc or Johny Richter you'd getshot
  5. Don't take shit too seriously doggman. His opinion is just as valid as yours. They aren't the best. But their shit is still fun to smoke to.
  6. Hahaha, Man , don't get your panties in a bunch, Im stating my opinion, thats what you do in a forum. I'll go spit In D-Loc's fuckin face, I'd like to see him try to pull out a gat, and bust a cap in my cracker ass, aigggghhht Gannngsta?


    Anyways, I don't want to turn this into a flame war, they got a couple ok songs. But , honestly, there about as hardcore as the Backstreet Boys.
  7. HAHA! LMFAO!!!!

    word fakK! I got yo back pllaya MAN!
  8. kmk's some bitches, no talent, they are a one note group, sure bud is cool, but switch it up for christ sake, they some bitches they suck
  9. I love listening to KMK while blazing. The only problem is that each cd only has a handful of "good" songs. Everything else is weird, hip-hop punk fusion bullshit that has no talent in the lyrics. I love them, but they sound like the just got extremely stoned and wrote down the most rediculous things they could think of. One example would be "Johnny's got a problem".
    And "Whos the Criminal?" two songs from Fire It Up that are just rediculous.

    Love them while blazed, think they have no talent when sober.

    "Red light, should i stop? Nah"

    wtf man? lmao.
  10. How did I take that too seriously? I was just stating a fact

  11. What was the fact, that he's retarded and would get shot by kmk:rolleyes: I think thats takin it too seriously. And by the way, kmk isnt even that good. They have some ok songs, but its too much weed songs.

  12. dude seriously, prep school white boys are more gangsta than kmk, i will concede i do like a few of their songs though
  13. KMK is no where near gangster.

    What are some of they're best songs?

    I personally dont like KMK, But i havent hear shit from them. Maybe like 10 songs max and i aient like them.

    So whats some good songs by them? Ill check em out before i bash em.
  14. There played out like Nintendo 64. You can only have a gimmick for so long and then it gets old.
  15. bone thugs are a way better ACTUALLY gangsta version of KMK. i'd like to see any KMK member try to mess with bizzy bone cause that would be funny as hell, they would get shot in the face. They're just a gimmick, plus i'm not really a fan of the style of music i don't really like ICP either.
  16. I like bone thugs too. I think people havent heard much and thats why they dont like them or respect them but what ever
    You want good songs? I'll name some. And you cant tell me they have no skill because they do D-loc is just kind of annoying
    Bad habits (album Version)
    Bong Tolking Alcoholics
    Day Dreamin fazes
    Fire it up
    Get Cash
    Put it down (With cypress hill)
    Weed War
    Rest of my life
    So High
    Tangerine Sky
    King Klick
    Thats a few if you want more ask I doubt people are even going to listen to them
  17. I hope you get hit by a bus
  18. Wow Your a fuckin ass
  19. the 2 best songs by kmk is

    Kila Kali
    Skunk one

    check those out you might like them kmk is ok but it was said eailier they only have a few good song per cd and the other are crap but the 2 song i mentioned in my opinion are very good and you need to check out thug pit it is by icp,kmk.tech9 and esham very good song
  20. 420 - Aient bad.
    Bad habits (album Version) - :poke:
    Bong Tolking Alcoholics - :poke:
    Bump - :poke:
    Day Dreamin fazes - Couldnt find it.
    Fire it up - :poke: :poke: :poke:
    Get Cash - Couldnt find it.
    Put it down (With cypress hill) - :poke:
    Weed War - :poke:
    Rest of my life - Aient bad.
    So High - :poke:
    Tangerine Sky - :poke:
    King Klick - Couldnt find it.

    There, I jus wasted my time.

    I went through and searched for every song and couldnt find three. Out of the 10 i downloaded, 2 of them were jus aight. Not even good.

    Theres the verdict.

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