Puttin it down for the Crown AGAIN

Discussion in 'General' started by Doggmann420, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. What is so special about what they do? They smoke weed and make songs about it, big fucking deal. I smoke weed and I don't make a song about it.
  2. I smoke weed and I dont make songs either wtf is your point? Its a group thats what they do make songs you fuckin retard

  3. Do you think you could produce music that would compete with theirs?
  4. Honestly no but what does KMK do for marijuana legalization or to get lesser penalties. The day KMK holds a benefit for medical marijuana users will be the day I become a fan. But know what thats not going to happen because there just in it for the cash plus there shit is repetive as hell.
  5. Ummm they do ALOT for legalizing marijuana they do all the marchs and even donate money for the cause bro and they even sing about legalizing it and shit
  6. Talking about something and doing something are two tottally different things. Show some proof.
  7. *sigh* one sec I'll waist my time finding the shit for you
  8. On Wednesday February 15th, the Kottonmouth Kings were honored by recieving the 2005 Compassion award. The event was presented by San Diego NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) at Balboa park in San Diego, California. On hand were guest speakers like Ed Rosenthal(guru of ganja) and KMK's Loudog (activist at large) who recieved the award on behalf of the King's. Live reggae music also filled the chilly coastal air as well as the wonderful smells of fresh "canni-foods", insense, and medicinal marijuana. The Kings were recognized for their tireless celebration of freedom and committment to pro-cannibis awareness.
    Thats just one want more?
  9. Well ya got me but I'm still not that big of a fan of them but everyone likes there own stuff.
  10. True that alot of people dont like them I Was supprized there isnt a big fan base on GC though they have ALOT of fans and their concerts and "After partys" Are SICK
  11. Doggman, First you don't need to make another thread about this, second, this should be in the music section.

    While I don't particularly find their music worth listening to, I listen to mostly 60's and 70's rock, there are quite a few people that do. You seem to be a huge fan, and that is cool. I am not a big fan of their genre of music, but I must say I respect them immensly for being activists in the fight to reform marijuana prohibition. So as long as they keep on doin what they're doin, more power to them.:smoke:
  12. good shit...always loved KMK
  13. Edit: Dont get offended, this is just straight out my opinion:

    Srsly, people complain to me all the time that electronic music is repetitive, but DAMN, that whole song was the same breakbeat, with a break in the bass every 32 beats, occasionally the most minimal synth would drop. Whoopdiwoo, im sure you spent alot of time on that one. And some might tell me its more about the words. I listened to the lyrics, okay, ya its hard to speak that fast, but the lyrics were just random blurbs about weed, and them running their mouths. Really, the only interesting techniques (which was used every 10s) were alliterations. The song doesnt go anywhere at all, imo.
  14. I dont care for their hip-hop, because I really dont like a lot of hip-hop, but their mellow songs really kick ass.. Stuff like Tangerine Sky, anything of Daddy X's Organic soul (Daddy-X is brad Xavier, the founder of suburban noize radio and the kottonmouth kings..).. Waking Dream, Anything off the Kottonmouth Experience.

    Really great trippy songs to just sit and chill to.

    I go to their concerts whenever they're in Boston. Pakelika is awesome. He's the guy in the mask. He dances and stuff on stage (and he can rap too).. Some of the stuff he did on stage was really cool.
  15. Yeah their mellow shit like Tangerine Sky and Rest of My Life... I really dig, but their other shit I think is downright bad. They're chill cats though... they really do let their money go far.
  16. i know watsup with KMK for sure i went to their concert when they came to miami... i bought loudog a beer at the bar.. there a cool ass group of guys.. and yea they are active in the legalization aspect of things..
  17. most people unfortunatly choose to listen to the music they can best identify with rather then pay attention to the acual notes, "music" there listing to.

    i bet you if britney spears started singing shit about hitting bongs and legalizing pot in two weeks there would be people on here raving about how she rules... no offense to anyone.
  18. Personally i love KMK, especially the more mellow good vibes type stuff like, Rip the night away, Positive vibes, peace of mind, dogs life, light it up, new destinations, and P-town. Its just great music to relax and forget about the problems of life and the current state of the world and all the hate floating around

  19. Very well said.

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