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Put your Christmas story here.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Ok.

    So I pull a little joke on a friend at work last friday. Just a little chain yanker, because it's usually going on between us.
    Won't go into all the details, but it worked really good. His chain was severely yanked! heheheh. Don't fuck with the aged and treacherous.:)

    I was really pleased with myself at having scored so well on him.

    Left work. Ran all over town, what with the last second X-mas stuff and all.

    Got up early Saturday, coached the team to their FIRST WIN! Was really proud of the ladies! I had parked ol' blue right in front of the gym, I've driven the same truck for 8 years, so everyone knows it's mine. As I was leaving, I walked behind my truck.On the tailgate, in size 42 font, was a sign;

    "I've been dry for over 6 months,
    thanks to Bedwetters Anonymous!"

    The 'lil bastard struck back quick and hard!

    The gloves come off. It's ON baby.

    Busy weekend. Had to work Monday. Only half a day 'cause it just plum friggin snowed!

    Had to hold off on travel plans cause we got a lot of politicians to feed around here so there's no money for snow removal. Highways was screwed. Christmas Eve at home with just me and my womenfolk was cool and not cool at the same time. First time it's ever been just us! We had a good time, but the ol' folks and the siblings and their offspring were'nt there, so it was kinda strange. I really find myself treasuring the time I got left with my folks. It's hard when the people that always took care of you, need your help to get by now. Time to return the favor,I suppose. But, they're still alive and frisky so I'm thankful for that.

    Finally all got together today! Went dashing thru the snow to the big city before all the idiots woke up. Did the present gig.
    Big score was the DVD player. Once again technology drags me kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

    And of course THE FOOD!

    Munchie heaven.

    By late afternoon the youngest nephew instigated a sledding expedition. I'm still licking a few wound from the previous days sledding expedition, so I went along only as cameraman. All the girls were in.

    He took us to an excellent hill. Except it was strewn with trees! As soon as we got out of the van I saw a girl sideswipe a tree rather hard! She left.

    So I swayed everyone to the middle where there was but one tree to contend with. And I also positioned myself against it so we would'nt have to go to the emergency room this christmas.

    The sledding was great. It seemed that with e'nuff weight on the sled it would go either left or right of my tree. I started to relax and get some great video.

    The I saw a little girl, about 5 or 6 yrs. old, start down. I could tell she was coming straight at me and the tree! I had the cam going but I pulled it down and went into my hockey goalie stance. She had turned backwards (disc sled) and was still coming straight at me. I did'nt have much time to think but it was great glove rejection to the right. The same hand I had my vid cam in! Did'nt even get her. Just got the sled! Missed the tree by about a foot. I turned around and looked at her, and she was looking at me like WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU HIT MY SLED FOR??!! She was awful cute!

    Her dad ran up and thanked me! Made me feel kinda good.

    I started checking out the cam, and it seemed to have taken the shot rather well. I started shooting again. Just in time to see my niece, who's 13, and a lot larger than a 5 yr. old, heading down the same line! I managed to stop her without the cam. But she swept my legs out from under me and I stuffed it in the snow! IT STILL WORKS! Sony's. Ya can't beat 'em!

    Got in at 9:00 p.m. Fell asleep at 10:00 p.m.

    Wide awake at 11:30.

    One good bowl. A little storytelling at the City.

    And now I think I'm off to snuggle all warm in my bed while visions of sugar plums dance in my head.

    When I return I want to see some Christmas stories goin on here!

    I'm talking tales of high adventure, action, and the occasional love scene.

    C'mon blades.

    It's your turn.
  2. I'm sorry that I don't have a wonderful christmas story to share!!!!!! My day consisted of my family telling me how much I have fucked up my life (like I didn't already know that)!!!

    But the evening was pretty nice.........all my hair is in lil braids and I got stoned to boot!!!!!

    But anyway, I'm glad that you all at the city had a great christmas and I hope your New years is even better!!!!!!!!!
  3. I cancelled Xmads this year. My parents are at the canaryislands on holliday anyway, and I see my sister often enough, so I decided to screw it.

    As for you flowerchild, hang in there. I got my gripes with my family too. As long as you're proud of yourself, anyone who think you're a screw up don't really got a say. Family or not.

    I did however have an excellent Xmas, with two of my friends. Better than ever. Good food, good drink, good weed and small but considerate gifts were given. I love my friends!!!!
  4. Smokie sounds like fun between friends. I loved you being dry because of the bed wetters club. that is a good one!

    Flowerchild, honey, When your down everyone get on your ass. If everything is good no-one will tell you how good you are doing. Keep your chin up and give this problem that you have coming up some extreme thoughts
    Clear steady thoughts and a little research will help the situation.(((((((((((((flowerchild)))))))))))
  5. ........if I had a better imagination...............

    So I'll tell the depressing facts I suppose.

    The personal Christmas always sucks for me. The spiritual Christmas is what keeps me from killing myself every year. Also, thankfully, my eldest boy has grown up enough to find the happiness in small things, so he made me feel pretty good yesterday.

    This is the first time I've not had all my babies at home for Christmas. The past couple years we've been trying to adjust to my parents being split up on the holidays. My dad has kept havin' it at his house which I love. It was just hard for me to adjust at first. Anyway, the ex finally got his shit taken care of so I OK'd him havin' the two younger boys at his house for the holidays. I was so happy for the boys but kept ended up feelin' sorry for myself, I guess. Then there's been the no $$$ problem. That's a given for me......I've lived my whole life not havin' enough money and tryin to do the best I can do. I guess it didn't upset me enough because the ol' man jumped my ass over it. So I cried myself to sleep in the chair on Christmas eve. Woke up Christmas morning sore as hell - TOTALLY fuckin' depressed. Didn't have all the boys here, very few gifts for the family, I'm a loser, and I still had to go to dad's with my happy face on. The ol' man finally got down from his pedestal and made me feel a little better. I still hadn't talked to the boys since they left. I talked to the ex's wife a couple times, so I knew they were OK. I tried to call them a couple times but couldn't get anybody. Finally about an hour before we went to my dad's my 6 year old called. Finally the sun began to shine!! We got to my dad's and my two older brothers were there and my sister. My brothers were up to thier same ol' tricks - tellin' great stories and pickin' on me. It was the GREATEST. Then we went to my best friends house, goofed off there for a while and then home. Me and the oldest boy had a little snowball fight. I fixed breakfast for supper (we're burnt out on ham and turkey). Of course I'm out of smoke so I broke out the 'hard times' resin stash and done bong hits 'till I couldn't breath. My 11 year old called me and talked to me......he's havin' a really good time (he deserves it). That brought my day the rest of the way back around.

    I'm SO glad it's over!!

    I believe I've deserve a good, trashy, nasty-ass, drunk on for the New Year.
  6. My in-laws were scheduled to pay us a visit but had to cancel at the last minute becuase my MIL came down sick and couldn't travel.

    The mrs. cancelled all her cooking plans and its off we go to eat out for Christmas Eve. My little girl sang her favorite christmas tune "Feliz Laddy-de-da" and she explained to me why TV used to be in black-in-white.

    Its in black in white because they didn't have enough electricity to make it in color. People had to sit around in log cabins and watch TV by candles and oil lamps because all the electricity there was had to go just to make black-n-white TV. God I hope she never has to grow up.

    And it was great listening to the kids hit the steps running downstairs to see what Santa brought.
  7. well..monday we went to christmas on my dads side of the was already halfway bitchy and drunk

    anywho, we get out of town and just on the road, and the battery light comes on, and the headlights and interior lights seem a lil dim, we pull over, dad looks at the battery and several other electrical things, and we decide to trek on..

    we go down the road a few more clicks and then the lights rapidly decline, so dad hollers at mom to pull over, well, she does, oh yeah, and its raining to whole friggin time, so a good sumaritan comes up and offers help, but all his tools are in his other truck, by this time my grandparents came we decide to leave the car there, get it towed, and catch a ride with the we make a mad dash to relocate all the presents into the other car..i got soaked..

    so we make it to my aunt and uncles house, we eat, get warmed up, were having family time and decide to open presents..well...the power goes out, so all the menfolk trek out to my uncles shop to get the generator...

    that sets up my christmas day i believe

    i wake up, we open presents, dad decides he wants to get the generator out and start it up, just incase... so i go to the backporch and drag it out, and go in to get some grub...well..apparently he beckoned for me several times...which in ron speak is usually GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT..which i am supposed to decipher as, hey, come help..welll..ill be damned if i cant look up his ass and read his he spend the rest of the evening bitching and moaning and generally raising i left

    my problems pale in comparison to others, but i still had fun at friends house played vid games and whatnot, so it was pretty good i guess..even though it wasnt with family..
    and i didnt get stoned, havent been stoned in sometime...just wait til tomorrow
    i owe it to me
    and yall know what that means


    merry christmas and happy new year to you all

    oh and congrats with the win coach smokin
  8. things around my house haven't been so good lately between my parents and i, so the whole christmas holiday (since friday when i got out of work) has consisted of me getting wrecked. we got paid fri., then again on mon. (as a christmas present from the owner)... so i had a good amount of cash on me...

    christmas eve my mom hands me $300 and takes me out shopping. not so bad... so i got some new clothes and a couple games for N64. christmas day i woke up and waited all day for my parents to go to my aunts house. to kill time i picked up another eigth of these really good christmas buds, walked a couple miles (all while it's pouring, windy, and freezing) to my friends house 'cause he wanted to buy a gram... waited there a while, came home, parents left, i got wrecked... then i looked outside and it's snowing like a bitch. my parents came home, i crashed, and that was pretty much it.


    GET IT OUT!!

    nm..i got it:D


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