Put some exitement between your legs.

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.Spliff, Apr 5, 2002.

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    how many people here like to smoke a big fat one and go for a long ride on your Harley, Honda, etc?
    what kind of motocycle do you ride?
    I'm hoping to upgrade from my 600 v-twin Honda to the new 1800 cc Honda cruser.
  2. I rode on the back of a Harley Fatboy once in Virginia. Only time i ever rode on a bike.
  3. Right on...eliminate racism!
    I'm from Pa and would love to hook up with some bikers.
  4. I've ridden a few times... it's really fuckin' cool.

    But an 1800 cc? Whooooey! I had a few Ford Escorts with 1.9l engines!

    I can't even imagine how fast that would be on a bike....

    A cruiser? Yeah... at like 200 MPH.
  5. while the heading is misleading....OK, im just gonna leave this one alone ;)
  6. I want a motorcycle. Would love a harley, but aint to particular. :)

    sensimil, you never cease to make me grin.. ;)

  7. I like to ride my dirtbike up and down the street a few times and then bring it back in before my neighbors call the cops.
  8. my dad's got a '99 roadking and we'd both get blazed and just cruise all over the place with it thru the mountains, desert, all over. i got a yz250 that i ride up in the mountains on jeep trails and fire roads and all through the desert.

    What is fun, tho, is gettin cakey and going mountian biking, pedal ur ass off till u get to the top of the mountain, puff a fatty, and go bomb down some mad trails, when u hit jumps u feel like u can really fly, it's sweet. I'm going on a 4 day trip to moab in march and i'm definitaly gonna be blazin' a fatty while i'm waiting for the sun to rise before i go riding.


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