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Discussion in 'Security' started by vaporfiend, May 4, 2011.

  1. http://forum.grasscity.com/legalization-activism/797691-missouri-state-profiles-admits.html

    You can imagine how pissed I was after reading this.
    Went to this place instead of ordering a tent and lights on the net. Now what? I guess I should get on an indoor veggy farmer forum and find out how to grow tomatoes. Went ahead and filled my tent with houseplants that could use a little extra light, and half way expecting a knock on the door. What do you guys think?
  2. Well man, just be careful you know? You can never be too careful in my opinion...
  3. i'd try to look online and see if theres reports of what exactly went down, were they able to get warrants for these searches? or do they just come to your house and try to harass you? i dont see how they could get a warrant from legal purchases, if they dont after they knock on the door, ask if they have a warrant or if you're being detained, after they say no close door, you have no obligation to talk to or entertain them
  4. @iamblayz, I got a feeling they kicked some doors in and knocked on others. Dont think they would have gotten 19 arrests if they were just knocking and talking to everybody.
  5. Get so mad when I think about how f'd up the mj laws are in this country. The saddest part of that story was the quote from the police, where they said, several of the people busted claimed to be growing for personal use because mj had become so expensive. Most of these cops don't care, or they are proud of what they are doing. Hell, if they are good Nazis for a couple years, they will make around 20 dollars an hour. And if they are really good Nazis they cant get 25 dollars an hour or more, to sit outside of a hydro shop, and build a case for 6 months or so.

    So basically, due to prohibition, many are paying crazy prices for small amounts of mj. But if you visit a hydro store in order to grow your own, so you can be self sufficient and stop contributing to the black market........well then the police will just raid your home and turn you into another sad marijuana statistic. Oh, and good luck getting a half way decent job after you've visited the system.
    Makes sense, pot heads, as they call us, deserve this treatment right? Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies are pumping kids/adults full of pills with a plethora of side effects . When is this crap going to change? I cant take much more.

    Sorry bout the rant, but over the last few weeks I've been catching up on some of the better mj documentaries on netflix and the hypocrisy of these laws is eating me up. If you haven't seen, "The Green Rush", "How Weed Won the West", or "Waiting to Inhale", look for them.
  6. that shit is just fucked up
  7. Whatever else you may grow legally, do not grow MJ, you've been compromised and it ain't worth it.

    I have been saying on here for years that cops monitor hydro stores and people poo-poo it away, and yet...

    Buying online is much safer. Local and even state law enforcement cannot get a warrant to search the customer records of an online vendor in another state.
  8. Thanks Toastybiz, you are absolutely right.

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