Put my dog down today

Discussion in 'General' started by ScottBTmaster, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Alright everybody this has been one of the hardest days of my life, my dog was 16 years old and I had him since I was 3. I had to take him into the vet and have him put down today.

    The past few months his health was going down steadily, about 2 weeks ago he stopped having the ability to get up from a lying down position on his own, I had to lift his hind quarters because he didnt have the strength anymore. 3 days ago he stopped eating and drinking, he wouldnt even eat chicken or steak with rice. Yesterday I decided that it was his time to go.

    just wanted to get this off of my shoulders, now its time to drink myself into oblivion for the next few days

  2. i feel you man, my dog is 16 1/2 now, he has trouble getting up on his own but still can, luckily he still eats and drinks, but does have trouble getting down and up stairs, and has no control of his bowels.. he did poo in the house the other day >:eek:
    im not looking forward to his time :(
  3. sorry for your loss man....RIP what was the old guy's name?

    I had a cat named Rosey that was 15 years old and still incredible healthy and in perfect shape, ended up getting hit by an old lady and killed instantly:(
  4. sorry to hear about that brother, I had to put my little mut down after having her since i was 2. I had her for about 18 years, then she started having seizures and we decided it was time. Its better for them to not suffer than to allow them to live and be in agony and pain. I think you did whats best, even if you dont feel like it right now. Things will get better, as they did for me. Just think, you allowed that dog the freedom of a painless life. It WILL get better!!!
  5. I'm sorry you had to, but it for the best. I was like aww. Then I saw it was a bassett hound and about cried as I've got one to. She only 4 now so she got some time.

    Here a pic of daddys girl.

  6. i'm sorry for your loss man, i know how it feels to do that.. pretty shitty, but he lived a long life with someone who loved him. naw mean?

    ill cheers to that
  7. damn that sucks dude. i really wonder where it will go in the after life. life is an amazing thing. the dog is in a better place now
  8. Man, I know how it feels except my dog was hit by a car at night (Black lab) when we first moved to NC. He was so used to having a lot a land to roam around at our old house. Many restless nights followed shortly after that and sometimes the event still pops in my head. I'd give a more detailed story but I don't want to jack your thread...damn, now its all coming back.

    At least your dog didn't go through any suffering during the process. You did a good thing, he was suffering. What was his name? I will roast this next bowl in his name:smoke:
  9. Oh, he's so cute
    Rest in peace, puppy.
    Sorry for your loss :(
  10. Damn, sorry bro he looks like a really cool dog. Hang in there.

    burning one in honor of your pup

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