Put it out, or let it burn?

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  1. When your smoking a bowl, do you let it burn in between each hit, or do you put it out with your finger/lighter/penis/etc. Does one waste weed more than the other?
  2. I've found that putting the bowl out with your penis seems to waste the most weed.
  3. I put it out with the bottom of the lighter, so all my lighters are caked in resin on the bottom corner.
  4. kirara hates stale smoke. Soooo, we put it out while clearing pipe of all smoke. hmmmm...no waste i can think of. kirara uses titty nipple(lighter) and i use my tounge(fingers) to put it out aye
  5. My piece has a lid on it, so yeah if im by myself i'll put it out by closing it. If im with several people, the jack herer piece will stay on thru out the session. You only have to light it once for the whole herb to burn, just some of the reasons i love this piece

  6. I've heard about this pipe before. It's very mysterious...

    What's so great about it? How much did it cost? Pics? Video? Is it something that can be homemade?

  7. There are some pictures in This Thread.
  8. Do alot of people put their bowls out with their penis??

    ill snuff em with a lighter...but my penis is way to big n everything it wont fit in the bowl :confused:

  9. around here, they'll take your lighter, test the resin for thc and arrest you for paraphenalia

  10. yeah them fuckers tried to charge me with paraphenalia for an oakleys sunglasses bag that i had my weed, pipe and a lighter and some ziggity-zags in because it had a few flakes of shake in the bottem. have they no shame?

    and to the op, when i smoke my bubbler i cover it with my thumb/head of my dick to douse it between hits.
  11. My thumb has a nice fat callous on it I use to either cover the bowl between hits(when I blaze solo) or to compact the bowl.

  12. So a penis is actually a thumb?? this jargon confuses me

  13. That, plus you risk cauterizing to tip...:eek:
  14. Well i picked up the jack for about 40$ at the shop. All wooden with lid and signiture at the bottom. As far as how much i like it, i'll put it to you this way. Since ive had it i havent used my glass spoon. I dont see a reason. The jack packs fatter,rips alot SMOOTHER, you can put out the bowl as soon as you take a hit and put it in your pocket, and since its wood it can take damage(ive dropped it a couple times and its still perfect). Its the perfect piece on the go. On top of that when i bring to the homies and we pack some half gram bowls, we just light it once and it stays on thru out the session, sometimes we light 2-3 cuz it might go out since someone holds it to long. I recomend it, my spoon hasnt been getting love. At least i keep it clean looking like the first day i bought it. Theres some vids on youtube about the pipe too

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  15. When I smoked, I would always cover the bowl.

    My pipes and lighters have since been packed away.
  16. I find that sticking my dick in the bowl is not only incredibly painful, but my dick gets dirty to, so I will stick with my lighter
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  17. idk about you guys...but i just smoke the damn bowl til theres nothing to smoke.:smoke:

  18. yup, in my white tee

    i'm not that big of a weed fiend, putting it out might get you an extra hit or 2, but i smoke mostly all blunts, even if i only got a lil bud (philly cigarillo's in the tube, nice n fresh, cuz all the individual rillo's are stale as fuck around here

    aint puttin those fuckers out with ur hand or dick

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