Put Down the Synthetics, Man

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    It was transformative, of that there could be no question. Did it provide insight? Yes. But did it change human nature in any permanent way? That is highly doubtful. It takes more than just an alkaloid or an entheogen to effect a lasting change of behavior for the better. It takes an intact, evolved culture that is in tune with both human nature and the environment. And that is what we don't have. So something that should be sacramental becomes another commodity. Just something you buy and eat, like a Twinkie, or a valium, or a roll of toilet paper to wipe your ass. Yeah, you can get away from it for awhile. Go on a psychological vacation. Get on a payment plan for your Electric Forest tickets. But when you start to call the freak show "home", you're near the edge. Jerry found it. Jerry went over it. Don't kid yourself. It wasn't any accident. So many roads, for sure. But they all lead to a detox facility. Dr. Gonzo knew the truth. He found his out. Put down the synthetics, man. And the booze and the toot and the uppers and the downers and the laughers and the crank. If it ain't worth eating raw, then it ain't worth eating at all. Don't kid yourself.

    P.S. Punk.
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