pushin' up dasies? no, pushin' up buds.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by badusmaximus, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. so, there's this spot we used to smoke a lot at back around mid-summer. one day, i was digging around, and dug up some bones. we all freaked out, and that spot was turned into a taboo spot. i returned last week, to investigate a little more. i discovered someone's initials carved into the rock along with a date (G.B. - 1911), and noticed 3 pretty healthy looking plants growing around the spot.

    well, i'm not gonna smoke any of this weed, but it does look like a pretty good natural crop.

    the biggest plant is about 2 feet tall (about two weeks old), with internodal length of 2-3 inches. it has already shown sex, looking like a hermaphrodite, which is fine by me, for it'll encourage the growth of the patch (seeds). it also looks like its just about to start flowering.

    the second plant is about 8 inches tall, pretty young, and might not flower before it freezes.

    the third plant is about 4-5 inches tall, and however good looking, probably won't see the end of autumn.

    the spot they're at is pretty well protected, in a little clearing under an oak tree. it is about 20 yards off a pretty busy road, but those 20 yards are very well protected. me and my friends have been using this general area as a smoke spot for the past few years, so i'm not too worried. a few others know about the plants, but we're all pretty much sworn to secrecy.

    i'll try to get some pictures up soon, but don't expect any bud-porn. this is a pretty unimpressive plant. i just think it's cool that we started a natural patch. like i said, out of respect to the dead pushing it up, i don't plan on smoking any of this bud. unless it looks REAL good.

    what's your input?
  2. if it seems like its not getting harvested smoke that shit. itll be like ivory from how high lol

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