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  1. I would like to have a hydro system in my closet. My closet is one door and has enough for about 4 plants I need info on neccicery things to buy for a hydro system from lights to nutrients. I just need a list of things to buy for a successful grow. So if theres a Thread or give me a shopping list that would be great THANKS
  2. I want to make one with like a storage tub with like 4 holes in it for 4 plants
  3. thats DWC deep water culture i think mate.
  4. You really should just do a soil first.. Just to experience growing as a whole, Hydro is a more advanced thing.

    Plus its alot more money, and just the fact your new you can screw alot of up, you dont want to screw up your expensive hydro grow, not to mention are you growing bagseed? If so go with soil 100% the first time.

    But if you realllly want to do it, go look up all the hydro guides, like Silver said theres quite a few methods some easier then another. As for the info, your just going to need to go look at all the guides, I could tell you what you need if you were doing soil, its relatively simple compared to hydro.
  5. you know what thats a good Idea you are right Ill do soil first.
  6. Ok thanks mills but what will be good for a successful grow. what kinds of lights, nutrients, and mediums should I buy that will give me gread healthy plants. Or like specifically, what should I buy.
  7. and easy.
  8. Even if somebody were to give you a step by step list of things to do and items to buy, you still won't be able to do much with it if you haven't done the basic research yourself. Start reading and I guarantee you that if you put in just 5 or 6 hours of solid research on a reputable website such as icmag, you will learn enough to figure this out on your own to get started. simply ask for suggestions on what you have chosen rather than asking someone to do your homework for you ;)
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    well its kinda hard to say just like that, if you post all the details of ur grow/plans etc & we can help, you need to have an idea of what ur doing & a understanding of the basics atleast, but post things like the size of ur space, how many plants etc so we can say what type of lighting & shit is best suited to YOUR needs, although alot of the items you need you will need to make ur own choises as alot of it is down to personal opinion for things like soils & nutes

    EDIT check out the first guide i linked you to above as it has a list of things you will need in general, its only basic but still good
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    ok thanks!

    edit: I have been doing TONS of research and I was just wondering what would be like a good choice for a light or what soil product has a great nutrient balance for growing cannabis but I'll make my own decisions and just work it out! thanks!
  11. look into fox farm soil highly recommend by most if not all on here lol also look into their line of nutes(i think they have different lines for hydro & soil) & for lighting if ur space will allow it going with HID lighting, get a switchible ballast so you can run both HPS bulbs & MH bulb, or you could just get a HPS lighting system & use a MH conversion bulb, or just use an HPS to veg & flower,

    these are just very general things & just opinion

    check out this link to the fox farm site, to fine a retailer near u

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