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  1. When running air through a carbon filter do I want to push or pull. It's a very short duct run of about 3 ft.
  2. Carbon filters are designed to be pulled through and NOT pushed through/out. You want the fan to be drawing air through the filter and into the fan/ducting.
  3. yeah don't let anyone tell you otherwise. there's a reason the prefilter goes on the OUTSIDE of the scrubber.
  4. Thanks people first time using a filter. Hey I bought the TD- Silent Series fan, two speed, runs at about 100 and 200 cfm. The tent is only 30"x30" but about 6' tall. I was using it mounted sideways as a clone room. I'd LIKE to run my 600w in this thing to sample dwaft strains. The ballast is switchable down to 300w if necessary for heat. Question, will 100cfm cool 600 watts? 200cfm? No duct length at all the filter blows straight out into open room. One more question ...

    Whats the heat difference between MH and HPS lamps relative to use in a tent? I use 600w lamps to completely heat a small attic grow which is otherwise unheated in bitter cold winter. In the attic I find a BIG difference, seems HPS lamps burn twice as hot. I can use a MH in tent if necessary, also at 300/450/600 watts.
  5. 600 is a decent bit for that area but you should be ok. you'll need something better than 100cfm even if you dim it down a lot. 600 watts are generally used in 36x36, but a 400 would be used in like a 2x2. still, it's borderline so you'll need some good ventilation.  
    in terms of the mh, the general consensus seems to be the mh runs hotter, but to each his own. just make sure when you wire your setup you keep the ballast outside the grow area. fire prevention is important when doing this. I nearly burned down my apt building with my 2kw setup. so be careful I cant stress it enough. make sure all your wires are easily accessible and any connections aren't near anything flammable.
  6. Thanks for the safety tips. I built a solid steel frame inside the tent and I'm trying to hang fan/filter from the top. The ballast and wiring is outside the tent. I might just mount everything outside. I could hide fan/filter behind this thing and then I could fit a muffler too. I'm thinking hard. 
  7. filter you would want inside your grow area. the fan is fine to have outside, that's how mine is set up
  8. I keep my filter on outside for more grow area. I have used both ways with the same outcome. Sent from my GT-P3113 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. I assume you have a fan pushing air through the carbon filter then?
  10. Can someone explain pre filtering briefly? Guess if I run everything outside the tent I can go with a duct/prefilter/filter/fan/muffler lineup. Fan pulling everything pushing only through muffler. Prefilters worth it?
  11. Or Dish, wait, why must filter be in tent? I can do that too I have space on either side of the cooltube and steel frame to hang it from, at least the prefilter/filter could hang inside above, but it would be suspended like 8" either side of the cool tube that way.   
  12. I think the prefilter is pretty much just a dust screen... and i also believe this is the only reason it would matter which direction you run the air through the active carbon... i push through mine as its just a 700cfm fan crammed in the 6 inch hole at the end of the filter.  the fan has the flange on the output side, so i didnt really have a choice, but it works perfectly fine in reverse.  Id imagine i might be loading it up with particulates and reducing its shelf life, but its been a year now and it still seems good.  IDK why it would matter which direction the air passes through at all...
  13. Ok I made it to my grow store today to look at filters, I didn't realize they only had one open end I thought air drew in one side and out the other.  I bought the 19" cooltube today so I'm gonna just rig up the tube and fan alone to test for heat and see how much wattage I can run and still stay cool.

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