Pursuit of Happiness

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Namynam, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Isnt keeping weed illegal infringing on our inalienable rights, mainly pursuit of happiness? Some people can honestly say they are only happy while high, and i know i am much happier while high.

    Marijuana legalization is way bigger than just "weed isnt really a bad drug", its you are taking away my right to be happy.
  2. true but many things that fall under the category of pursuit of happiness are illegal, and have legitimate (or at least arguable) reasons for being so ie: by pursuing this happiness u affect other ppl. take most drugs for example. they are said to cause various social problems (not that i agree with this or anything) and so the negative affect on society outweighs ur personal happiness. of course many drugs would not have this characteristic if it were not for their illegal status, but that's another issue.
  3. But im saying weed. Weed brings people together. You gotta pass to someone sometime, plus if it was legal then you would go to the place to get it/smoke it and meet people.

    Weed is good, and makes me happy.
  4. So does quite a few other illegal -harder- drugs.
  5. i agree nam it's just that as long as the argument that weed (among other drugs) has a detrimental effect on society is WIDELY accepted, the fact taht smoking weed is ur pursuit of happiness has no impact on the argument. they see it as majority rules. if ur doing something they believe to negatively affect the majority, then u will not be allowed to do it. until they start believing pot does not affect the majority in this way, the pursuit of happiness argument will not work against them.
  6. If they see it as majority rules, why dont they take the 70-30% majority in favour of legalizing it over there? :p
  7. Bad things happen when the people in power don't represent the views of the American people.

    Bad thing #1: Bush
    Bad thing #2: Rumsfeld
    Bad thing #3: Cheney
    Bad thing #4: Ridge

    For the minority, by the minority. Go America.

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