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  1. So, I love Indicas and I loooooove it when they have purple on them. I don't know why, but whenever I find a strain with that purple hue on the bud it interacts totally differently than other strains with my body and I always feel ultimate relaxation and pain relief. Thus, why I love purps (especially Wheelchair! If I ever can find that strain to grow, I will be in heaven).

    The other day, I was talking to a dispensary guy and I asked why the purple kush they had... had no purple whatsoever on it. He mentioned something about temperature and cooling and that it doesn't mean anything if purple kush doesn't have purple on it and so on.

    It all made sense, but I have very beginner knowledge of growing so I thought I'd check up on it. I know that cooler temps can cause purplization on the strain, but why is this? Is it true that strains that are known for "purple" often have no purple in them? If I start growing, how can I be sure I get that purple on my buds?
  2. first you will want to get a strain that is known to have purple in it, though it is not a trait that always shines through with every plant. But then at the end of your grow bring down your temps a bit and bamn there you go. My last harvest of the carmelicious ended turning some of the calyx a deep maroon color.
  3. he is right, just because a strain is called purple kush, doesnt mean that every plant that is ever grown from a purple kush seed, is always goign to be purple.

    having a strain thats known to be purple makes it much easier to bring that trait out, but doesnt necessarily mean that its going to be. Genetics are genetics, but the way your buds come out have to do with how you grow them and the conditions they are in.

    to get the desired purple effect, temperatures should be lowered in late flower. i have even seen some accoutns of people using extremely cold water, and then putting a layer of icecubes on top of the dirt, and seen some SERIOUS purple results.
  4. go find some strains that are known for being purple! but if you let the day-night temps change 10-15 degrees during flower you will see some color change in the plants (mostly fan leaves and sugar leaves), but the buds will be a bit darker because of it:

    Blue Dream:

    One of my strains im running is VERY purple though...i'm guessin purple all the way through.

    Black Haze:
  5. talk about a rainbow plant, good god!
  6. got a blue going right now and thinking of adding a berry bomb.
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    This is 100% indica master kush grown at 58 degree night temps. 74 in the day. This is the last of it, Just found it in my jar... Also, this plant showed no signs of purple other than the sugar leaves and calyxs of the top 4 inches. Lower growth, fan leaves everything else was bright green with almost, lime green buds.


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