Purpose of smoking if vaping saves you weed and healthier?

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  1. Hello everyone! I am new to weed in general and im sorry if i sound like a total noob lol.
    From the research that I've done and other people that smoke/ vape weed I found out that vaping takes much less weed to get you the same high as smoking and gets much more THC out of it. 
    My question is what's the purpose of smoking at all if you get higher off vaping and use less weed, healthier and less smell?
    Also is 1g joint high = 0.1-0.2g vaped high?

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    Some reasons may include, but are not limited to ; 
    -If you don't own a portable vape but feel like being outside.
    -Sometimes it's nice to have a blunt. 
    -Glass blowers need jobs. 
    -Takes less prep time to load and smoke a bowl. 
    -Some people prefer the high of smoking over vaping. 
    I prefer vaping but sometimes, smoking is nice :smoke: :bongin:
    Lol @ "from the research that ive done" :smoking:
  3. There is no set equation of how much it takes someone to get high from a vape compared to how much it takes to get high from smoking but in general it is a lot less. Personally I find no reason for me to smoke.
    Only legit reasons I can see are not being able to afford the initial investment (you should probably re evaluate smoking at all if you are in this situation though), and needing to be in a "Throw away" situation where you could easily ditch what you are smoking out of in case of trouble.
  4. Fuck combustion.......  :ey:
  5. â–ª

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  6. Some people can't afford yhem

    This is the strangest life I've ever known
  7. idk i grow my own weed so I don't care about efficiency. I like to smoke weed. I wasn't the biggest fan when I tried vaping, but I don't have a vape let alone a nice one sooo..bong.
  8. vaping doesn't even give you half the flavor your flower can give while being ignited and sucked through glass and water!
  9. I prefer vaping but smoking is nice for a quicker and heavier effect.

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  10. What the fuck are you talking about? Are you stupid? You can vape through a bong. I have never heard a single other person in my life say that combusting gives better flavor than vaping.
  11. While the vape is always great, nothing fucks me up like a huge bong rip. And smoking weed is just kind of fun. It's the legit experience that your granddaddy had.
    I used to OWN an original Volcano. I've been smoking over a decade, okay?
    that's why I said 'IMHO'. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.
    So think twice the next time you tell someone, 'Are you stupid'. blah blah blah.
    Learn the meaning of OPINION before you derail off your mental train wreck.
  13. Saying IMHO does not make your opinion any less crap.
    and being a DICK doesn't mean you're hard either. grow up.
  15. Im laughing so hard right now. I'm not a dick to be "hard"(telling me to grow up while using this term is horribly ironic). I'm being a dick because your post is one of the worst posts I have ever read on grasscity.
  16. what's wrong with having an opinion...jees man relax he's just stating what his personal preference is.
  17. I never said he couldnt have an opinion but when you make your opinions public you also open them up to the criticisms of the public.
  18. Oh my... cyber fight. :(
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    Smoking hits me harder and faster than vaping. I will admit, that the flavor is always outstanding in a vape compared to combusted smoke. Plus, after smoking, a vape does not do anything for me. I have to take a tolerance break, and start from scratch.
    A 1 gram joint of high grade would put my ass straight into the Adromeda galaxy. I have NEVER gotten high off of 0.1-0.2 g of vaping. I have to vape at least a half g to feel it.
    I am considering a vape pen in the future, but I want one that can handle dry herb instead of a $60 oil cartridge.
    Saying that is like saying that you like your steak super well done and smothered in A1-Sauce.  
    To each their own, I guess......

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