purply black mold?? HELP

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  1. Hey guys,
    so last week i found a small branch that was completely covered with this black mold stuff, and it was basically dead so i cut it off. Some of this mold is now showing up on a few of the other bud spots!
    What do i do?? I need to prevent this before it spreads to the higher colas!!

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  2. looks more like a nutrient related issue rather than mold. What are you feeding it and how often?
  3. Only miracle-gro every third/fourth watering. Its kinda more fuzzy in real life than in the picture which is what led me to believe it was mold.
    Do you think i should cut the branches of where the mold is?
    I'd be decreasing my yield though :(

  4. none of the fan leaves are really blackened like that its just near a few of the bud spots were there is this purple black stuff.
    The branch that i cut off was covered in the purple fuzz too.
  5. I cant tell in the picture, but has it been getting rained on alot? If it has, than it could be mold but usually mold will appear on the bud itself, most likely towards the middle of it rather than far out on the leaves.

    If it is powdery or fuzzy than it's definitely some kind of mold or mildew and all the affected areas should be carefully removed with a disinfected blade. make sure you dont handle unaffected areas after touching moldy spots until you've disinfected your hands with alcohol. Mold is a bitch that most outdoor growers experience.

    Otherwise, if its not mold than it is likely related to your use of miracle-gro which has been known to be iffy when it comes to cannabis cultivation. Majority of people will not use the stuff
  6. looks like your plant is wet. Why is your plant wet in flowering.

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