purpleish colored leaves, on just sprouted plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by le4ch, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. I checked on my plant this morning and its second 2 leaves are small and purpleish . Is this a problem with something or just genetics. Heres a picture.


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  2. no biggie, if it dosent go away in a few day just start over, ur not to far along to really worry, looks like they need water??/ ,and u can put that blue spectrem light way closer
  3. i don't know the room temp, its in the garage with no heating so it might be a bit too cold ..
  4. it will die in the cold i can attest to that :)
  5. So should i take it inside?
  6. What kind of light is that? And if its below 50 degrees or so outside..which it probably is..it shouldn't be in your garage, cause garages tend to be poorly insulated..:)
  7. i moved it into my closet where its nice and cozy :) Hoep this gets it going again ... will report again in the morning with a picture! :)

  8. u need to hav a room temp between 70 and 80 degres f 90 being the highest
  9. Here is a picture of the plant 1 day after i took it inside out of the garage to get it alot warmer climate. Does it look like everythigns ok?

    Please give me comments ..


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  10. i think looks way better, no more purple color, and the leaves r strechn 4 the light, dont forget u can put the blue spectrem light very close sience it dosent put off much heat
  11. yah i know , what i have is a light facing horazontal on top of the up with the plant

    so it is only in a 4x4 inch white area so it gets plenty of light!

  12. your plants can handle above 90, but will need more water.

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