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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by itsmysubaru, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Just picked up a 1/4 of this stuff, great heady/up high. I feel giddy like a schoolgirl :hello:
    Tomorrow I'll get some bigger nugs under the daylight for uber-macros... enjoy!
  2. What's the story with purple buds like this? I've heard many strains will turn purple with exposure to low temperature... also heard food coloring, veggie juice, etc. Anybody know the scoop?
  3. Yeah that's what i heard too about the low temps, turns the bud purple
  4. I'd actually like to second a detailed answer for the question about the purple. I made a pick up a few days ago that landed me with an eighth of very sticky and somewhat purple dank (didn't get a strain name) and a gram of some gorgeous Purple Trainwreck. I'd love to know what causes it.
  5. :eek:
    wow that is purple no lie no lie:smoking:
  6. yeah i heard that cold burn causes the plants to turn purple... and also their green counterparts are better
  7. I was wondering about that... Any stress would cause harm in my eyes to the plant. You'd think they'd need their green-ness, right? However, if they are stressed after a certain point of maturity, maybe it wouldn't really matter?
    It seems to be the fad right now to have purple colored buds. Maybe it would've been a better smoke had it not been purp'd, but I'm definitely not arguing with the high :smoking:
  8. Did anyone read that article? It made sense to me, chlorophyll and all kinds of science...

    Ah well who cares right, light it up and enjoy, it's all the same colour if you use it properly.
  9. Checking it out now, A_R.
  10. Interesting... it's a bummer the whole article isn't there. Makes sense though, about the chlorophyll breaking down. Temp induced, just like the fall :)
  11. i grow, and weed can turn purple for a couple of reasons

    1. genetics
    3. unatural sources (ex. food coloring, veggie juice, ect.)
  12. Yeah, I thought some bud, just because of their genetics, had purple color to them (not totally purple like the OP's though, god damn thats purple!)
  13. What about blue stuff? Well it's not vivid blue but it's indigo/blue purple. Same cause?

    Can a skilled/experienced grower "make" his cannabis do what he wants it to?

  14. 100% correct
  15. Definitely macro time, the sun was beaming this morning. Love how the granite picks up the tones of the buds! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  16. again genetics make this happen and when it gets cold it doesnt just go straight to purple, its a light redish violett then blue then purple
    its more of an indica trait to turn purple
  17. Bump for "Barney" purps :smoking: I smoke you, you stone me, we're a happy family...

  18. Them guys know things!

    that stuff looks like its been altered with some sort of outside source

    a freeze perhaps

    a good and informative post, though
  19. ]your right its either low temp food coloring or some buds just have it in their genetics never that purple tho

    id say its outdoor with an early frost

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