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  1. I wanna grow some purple. Anyone experienced with growin it?

    Where's a good place to buy seeds? How tall do the plants usually get? What's the yield for an average purple plant?

    Thanks for any info.
  2. I strongly suggest that you invest some time using the search feature of this forum.
  3. you know saying purple is like saying green, purple is just a color.. there are 100's of variety's that may or may not turn purple depending on how they are taken care of....

    some random bag seed i grew, had bring white hairs that turned purple late in flower.. after a harvest and cure... most of the purple hairs turned brown so i was a little disappointed..., anyway are you a indica or sativa fan?
  4. Yes, many strains turn purple with the colder temperatures. Some purple medical strains are very expensive ("da purps" etc...)
  5. Well seeing as how Purple Power is the most common on seed sites, I guess I should try learnin about that. I don't really have a preference towards indica or sativa, I like both.

    I am an outdoor grower and I heard purple types of weed do well outside.
  6. you might wana find a indica sativa mix... some white widow pheno's turn purple....

    same with white rhino


    eh... thats what i can think of off the top of my head...
  7. Well, you heard wrong. I may get some people who don't agree, but purple is only good if done RIGHT. And that's usualy indoors. I've had one, MAYBE two batches of out door purple i consider good. Purple is all about taste, and it just gets fucked up out door.

    Of course, I'm talking about the prime purple strains. GDP, lavender, purple erkel, ect.

    Those are much, MUCH better indoor IMO. Some purple strains might yield a lot, but in general chronic purple strains do not. Only out door purp I've ever liked that I had was outdoor gods gift. Even the out door grandaddy from the club sucked.

    I don't know why, but purple is just more fragile. Get some kush if you want outdoor chronic. Trainwreck does well outdoors too, same with romulan.
  8. All MJ can be done right outdoors, if you give them the love and care they need. Sure you can't control everything you would like to be able to, but you still have the best light outdoors in the sun, and last year I grew some Nirvana White Rhino and my most potent plant out of 25 were the 2 purple rhinos grown outdoor in florida in high heat and humidity until the middle of september. Trust me i haven't grown indoors in 5 years because my 1st outdoor attempt was so good that the quality of the indoors was slightly better, but the quantity to quality just wasn't and isn't worth risk. I can grow 10 females outdoors and avg over a LB a plant starting them in late march. I'm not trying to hate, i will agree the best buds i have ever had were indoor, but the majority of dank even in california is grown outside legally. The more control you have over the plants because they are in your backyard makes a huge difference and people can even run outdoor hydro like setup with coco-coir.
  9. you heard wrong.
    uhh, i grew some superdank purples up in minnesota, and i nute burned them twice, and they didn't get watered for over a week like 3 or 4 times. it was island sweet skunk, but only one pheno was totally purple, the rest just had purple hues. you clearly are not very familiar with growing weed outdoors if yours turns out so bad, some of the best weed was grown outdoors, because the light you use outdoors is ten times better than any hps, use your outdoor resources to your advantage and you will be reaping the benefits this fall
  10. I know that the suns better than any light. But if you've ever smoked any GOOD purple you know the taste of dirt ruins it out doors. I'm sure you've smoked weed that was purple. but I doubt you've really had good grapes if you're bragging about your outdoor Minnesota purps.
  11. i consistently get strawberry diesels, headbands, afghan, and nydiesels. i know dank weed, and my outdoor purples are some of the best i smoked last year... i don't get dirt on my nugs outdoors, most of the branches are at least 3 ft. from the ground, dude get your outdoor shit roolin right this year and you will get good purps

  12. You may not like just one or the other (Indica/Sativa), but one of them is going to be better suited to grow in your climate.

  13. Yea, I have no idea what he is talking about when he says dirt is getting into his purps. Maybe, he means the strain is being grown in dirt outdoors and from there the taste gets into the buds??

    Either way, I am also growing a purple strain this season and I am not concerned at all with the expected results. I know it is going to be amazing stuff.
  14. I meant dirt as in dirt, Outdoor bud has dirt in it. You guys have never noticed that when you break up bud?Get some out door and break up weed for a joint. Look at your hands. Then do the same with indoor. You'll notice kief only sticks to your hands when you break up good indoor.

    Anyways, Im sticking by my story. Purple is NOT as good outdoor. Sorry guys, It's just a fact of life. Most of the purp stains have been so geneticialy fucked with they fare best indoors. If you're looking for best blend of taste/quality outdoors go with greens.

    Hindu Kush
    OG Kush
    Bubba kush
    Sour D
    Romulan (not a huge fan of the taste, but romulan almost ALWAYS looks cronic and smokes good)
  15. i love how almost every strain you just listed has a purple pheno, go back and read the stickies, then come back and only answer questions for beginners. because anymore of your information would only digress from the improovements that we have made with potential serious growers
  16. I have had strains where the occassional plant has turned purple - don´t seem to taste any different from their green siblings though. And seem to do equally fine outdoor.
  17. No, never noticed that at all. What are you doing to your buds to get them full of dirt?
  18. Outdoor buds have dirt? Never heard of that one in my 3 outdoor harvests.
  19. outdoor buds deff dont have dirt, what do you grow in the desert sands?

    Some good purple strains outdoors are-

    sweet purple by paradise seeds
    New purple power by nirvana
    purple #1 by dutch passion
    Purple star by dutch passion
    purple widow by de sjamaan

    I grew the sweet purple one year and it was great. Awsome yield, very sweet tasting purple nuggs, pretty early finisher as well.

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