Purple Wreck, White Widow, Fruity Pebbels and more

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  1. Hello, city. I've been on the boards for a while now. I have two *semi* successful grows under my belt that I started and ended with limited knowledge of what I was doing. After those two grows, I scrapped everything and started reading. Now after starting my third but first well thought out grow, I see how amazing of a difference it makes to have the right knowledge. I now understand why alot of the pros on here get so pissed at the noobs who come looking for free advice. I've put in literally hundreds of hours of research and it definitely shows. Anyways, here starts my grow journal. There won't be any pictures until tomorrow afternoon but I wanted to get all the specs out of the way tonight so y'all could tune in for the good part tomorrow. Most of my genetics are "stolen" from Cali Medical bagseeds. Here's what I have:


    Reserva Prevada's Purple Wreck
    Greenhouse Seed Co's White Widow (male-using for breeding purposes)
    Bagseed strain labeled as "Fruity Pebbels" from one of the clubs in Cali
    Currently germing:
    1 Raspberry (probably the dankest I've ever had in my life)
    1 "Mr. Nice"

    I still have two strains on reserve, only known as what they were labeled from Cali
    "Dragon" and "Bubblegum"

    240 Watts of CFL power-homemade light fixture
    40 Watts fluorescent over my homemade bubble cloner

    Nutes and soil:
    Currently only using Liquid Karma for veg as all my plants not in flower are very


    2 grow areas-
    One ScrOG in a homemade cabinet
    One flowering room for whatever I deem necessary

    5 PWs (3 I'm fairly confident are male)
    One ScrOG with the Fruity Pebbels under it

    B' Cuzz Bloom for early flowering plants
    Soon to add a combo of PBP Bloom along with other products

    400 Watt HPS in the homemade ScrOG
    600 Watt Hortilux HPS

    4'' ?170? cfm in the ScrOG
    6'' 440 cfm can fan hooked up to the 600 Watt

    I'm sure there's alot I forgot, but I'll include anything I forgot in my update tomorrow. This was mostly just me being lazy and not wanting to write this novel when I make my post tomorrow. And just a preface to these pictures... The Fruity mother to be is one of the most amazing looking plants I've ever seen in my life. I think she deserves to be in high times. She's my pride and joy and I can't wait to show her to you. Get ready for the good part come noon tomorrow my friends.

    Can't wait to get to know some of you and get all the help I can in my grow.
  2. glad you read up on it and i cant wait to see the pics when you post em
  3. Here comes the big update, guys. I think you'll like this. Some concerns I have as well...y'all will see.
  4. I'll split this up into two posts. One for veg and one for flower.

    Picture 1: My bubble cloner with the two slowest rooting PWs ready for pots. These two were turtles compared to the others and they're still fully rooted in less than 10 days. I love the bubble cloner!!

    Picture 2: I killed the WW today and here's why... I've never had this plant in any form of darkness since it's conception. It has at least been under 40 Watts of fluoro power since day 1 and yet two of the balls already busted? There's no outbreak of pollen but there was definitely some powder on my fingers after I touched it. Any thoughts? Again, this has stayed in veg since day 1.

    Picture 3-4: The future Fruity mother plant. It's a little droopy at the moment because it needs water in these pictures. Freshly watered after these pics were taken. These pictures do this plant no justice. It is absolutely a thing of beauty. The only scratch on this plant are the two bottom fan leaves. They were so yellow when they came out of the bubble cloner I thought they would for sure fall off. I left them on there though and now they are dark, beautiful green except for a couple burn marks. Notice the perfect leaves and COMPACT node structure. I love it! This plant showed sex a couple weeks back and is a confirmed female.

    For some reason some of the pictures won't upload. One is a picture of my freshly transplanted PW clones. They'll be future bonsai moms if they're female. Unfortunately, There are 5 total PWs and 3 of them I'm already fairly confident are male. I think I see pistils on one but I also see what could be balls farther up the plant. Could also be new growth though so we'll see tomorrow or the next day (please no hermie!!)

    This concludes the exciting part of the veg update. In a few weeks there will be more strains and more plants but for now that's what I have in veg. If you have any questions about my grow space, ligh fixture, nutrients or anything else...feel free to ask.

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  5. How many weeks into veg are those pics?
  6. Now the plants in flower. Don't expect big donkey dick nugs just yet. These are all 2-3 days into flower so some haven't even shown sex yet.

    Picture 1-3: Bebe. Named after one of my friend's dogs. This plant is the only girl I see what I think to be a female preflower on. What concerns me is I see what looks to be either balls or new growth at one of the top nodes. You be the judge. I tried to get a decent closeup of what I think could be the balls. I'm not sure how the picture will look on here. It might be too small for a decent view.

    Picture 4-5: Sue. I have another named "Betty" so I figured why not give her a companion. By far the best looking PW. Unfortunately, I'm fairly confident she is a He. Still contemplating on which male I'll end up keeping for the pollen. Probably this one because it's so F'ing beautiful. Wish you could see it in person...

    Picture 6-7: Betty.

    Picture 8-9: Mary. One of two that I'm 100% sure is a male out of the batch. Can't remember the other one right now and the lights are off. I'll let you know when they wake back up. Will either be killed or isolated within the next few days.

    Too many pictures for one post...

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  7. Flowering continued...

    Picture 1-2: Jane.

    Picture 3-7: All pictures of the Fruity Pebbels I have in my ScrOG cabinet. Not a yellow leaf on the whole plant and AMAZINGLY bushy. First picture is the screen lights on and second is the same picture as the lights go off. From there it's a picture from below, a look up into the forest and a picture of one of the beautiful fan leaves. If you look closely you'll see what was the beginning of a potassium defficiency on the fan leaf. It was immediately taken care of with some Earth Juice Meta K and has since been as happy as could be. I think the screen is about as full as it will get. I got antsy to start flowering and I've been told not to train after flowering starts. I'll still be satisfied, I'm sure.

    That's it for the flowering pictures. I have some pictures of my ScrOG cabinet I'll post sometime soon. This is a big enough update for now, though.

    What do y'all think?

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  8. The last picture of the Fruity mother is probably 4 weeks after being cloned. It was a clone taken from the plant filling the screen in my flower cab. The picture of the male White Widow is probably 4 days after being transplanted into soil. The other picture are still at day 0, as they haven't been transplanted.
  9. looking good and how many females do you think you have so far?
  10. Well I think I'm looking at mostly bad news with my PWs. I feel fairly confident that 3 are male and I'm just crossing my fingers on the other two. I anticipate my cabinet being rather bare within 5 days or so. That's why I'm germing one of my Raspberry seeds and a seed known to me only as "Mr. Nice". Anyone ever hear anything about a strain called Mr. Nice? I know there's a seed co. called Mr. Nice but this was the label on the bag when it got here from Cali. The Fruity is already a confirmed female so I am going to use these males as a good chance to dip my foot in some genetic variety.
  11. havnet heard of mr nice but it reminds me of half baked - mr nice guy lol

    i also just started to gernimate my super silver and got 2 sprouts today. hope all goes good with your new seeds.
  12. I like what i see man, Good stuff. Cant wait to see some bud shots.:wave:
  13. Last decent sized update before they start to come more seldom. I'm gonna try and make this a once a week update type thing and answer any questions and ask for any advice in the meantime. So here we go... A couple pictures of my ScrOG cab, fully rooted clones, some pictures that I feel do the Fruity mother a favor and finally, my roommate's dog about to join me for an afternoon joint.

    Picture 1-3: The top of my ScrOG cab, the back where the fan is located, and the cab when it's closed. What do y'all think about the stealthy-ness of this cab? I feel the clothes do a pretty good job of disguising any odd looking items.

    Picture 4-6: A few pictures that make the mother almost live up to what it looks like in real life.

    Picture 7: All the new freshly rooted PW clones. Unfortunately, most will be thrown but I'm still new to cloning so I decided to get 'em healthy for the learning experience and then put them to bed after I select the right father for breeding.

    Picture 8: And here's my roommate's dog about to join me in an afternoon joint. Sometimes he's a little shithead, but most of the time he's a pretty good dog. He knows the difference if you tell him to speak and whisper. It's hilarious.

    So I'd love any feedback. And does anyone have any idea on the WW clone and why it may have opened two of it's pollen sacks without ever going into flower?

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  14. I have had fruity pebbles! it's called tooty fruity too, thats what the bags were labled anyways.... it tastes exactly like fruity pebbles though...simply amazing... i actually have pictures of the buds lol

  15. Would you mind posting them? I'd love to see if it's the same as what I've had just to see if it's the same strain as what I had. The fruity I had looked identical to some chemdawg I saw posted on here at one point.
  16. i love the perfect dark green of a perfect vegging plant........ + rep i think brother
  17. Sup Gat1 your monther looks good! shes healthy as hell. Congrats!

    i like the way things are going so far and cant wait for new pics next week lol
  18. So I have 3 confirmed males and 2 confirmed females (crossing my fingers I don't have Trogdor's hermi problem with his PWs). I'm more than satisfied with that result. I'm only keeping one male for breeding and that's going to be Sue. If you care to look back in the thread, Sue is the best looking PW out of the 5 I started with. Stinky already as well so I feel he's a good candidate to become the father of many, many soon to be bastard children. The Mr. Nice I was germinating is in dirt now and I'm just waiting for the Raspberry to show a taproot. Hopefully with the next update I'll have a couple good pictures of some new sprouts as well.

    Any criticism or advice from anyone? Any thoughts on that WW male pollinating without ever leaving veg?
  19. Lookin really good bro, I love growin plants using the scrog method, works so well.
  20. Does anyone know if I could take my male and throw it outside for the first round of pollination and get viable pollen? I have a perfect spot in my backyard that is fool proof in terms of being hidden. I live in central Texas. I really would love to avoid building a whole new box just to flower a male I'm going to kill within a couple weeks.

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