Purple Wreck dumb damn near killed 'em

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    Ok, sorry about the cheesy title. 600w NFT. I just got done growing my first Jack Herer batch here http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-journals/323815-jack-herer-nft-under-600w.html Here's the Purple Wreck mom. I am about to start transplanting the clones today after a little delay in the form of an 8" cool air intake baby. Going with the lucas formula again w/cal-mag, SUPERthrive and a pinch of epsom salt. I will plant in all 36 sites although some are farther along than others. I got another delay now my wife invited a frenchman over and so I'm panicking and delaying for a few hours. I'll update after the transplant.

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  2. Nice, I'm a fan of DNA Genetics. I have some Kushberry seedlings goin, can't wait for that shit. I might get some PW seeds at some point too. Good luck man!

    btw the Jack came out awesome. +rep
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    I killt the back row. I think I'm probably going to replace them unless they spring back soon. The fan on the left is for the light fixture. It adds a ton of heat to the room so I think I'm going to move it back up in the rafters. The room has been running at 80F and I have yet to have a night but will update with temp. I'm running lights 4:30am-10:30pm and hoping to get some chilly evenings. Either way, that fan has to go. Cross your fingers for my beat up clones. Stoney stonerton. oops, forgot to attach the picture Yes, they are under a HPS. I'll be scraping some money up for a light mover in about 2 wks.

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