Purple wilted leaves

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  1. Hello, Half the plants leaves are purple and wilting. It did fall over on one side. Plus it got hot one day when I couldn't get to her. SHe was beautiful. :( Any ideas. First time outdoors. Only one time indoors (25 Years Ago LOL)

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  2. The plant thats all crispy is that from indoor than you brought it outside?

    They look over watered, but the one there still looks real nice!

    Do you feed it anything?

    If you grow indoor can you give me info on that?

    Its hard to just look at this and say what it is, its for sure burnt, necrosis in a-lot of areas. That you wont be able to turn nice green again.

    Looks like light burn.. but let me know so i could give an accurate diagnosis



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  3. Thanks for looking. Outdoor from the start. Could it be Nitrogen burn? Just found out the wrong bottle of food was being used. Over watered possible. The sun doesn't hit until it's up for about an hour now too. Food was Fox Farm Grow Big. :( I'm an IDIOT!! Plus the other one I had turned into a HERMI! :( I was still surprised they even grew for being over 25 years old, the seeds.

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