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    We decided to start a new post on our wonderful ladies. The purple white widow and northern lights seeds were planted June 1st and were brought up indoors in a closet for the starting 3-4 weeks. Then were transplanted to pots in a very good outdoor location. We are very impressed with the total progression in the last couple weeks. These plants have went through a lot...see to our starting post if your interested in the details of there harsh beginning. Check out the newest pictures taken a few days ago. These plants have been growing for 8 weeks and i couldn't be happier with the turn out so far. We started with 18 plants when transplanted outdoors and have a total of 16 females (!!!), 2 males. Let us know how you think they look.

    1 & 2- My brother and I in a full garden picture
    3-1st budder, really dank looking, 3 ft little girl[SIZE=-0][​IMG][/SIZE], hopefully get some good smoke atleast
    4- 3 Monsters, the one on the left tilt'n a little is 5 feet, our biggest plant[SIZE=-0][​IMG][/SIZE]
    5- four footer[SIZE=-0][​IMG][/SIZE]
    6- four footer[SIZE=-0][​IMG][/SIZE]
    7- four footer, LST'n the shit out of her.
    8- The males, one in front- more developed male.
    9- FULL picture of our garden.
    10- Many little skunk sprouts.

    First Initial Grow Journal Link- http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-journals/237778-1st-grow-purple-widow-northern-lights.html[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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    Some bad news... a plant that was looking like a female is now a confirmed male ... that makes 3 males, 15 females:) Oh well, still an extremely good ratio.
    Here are some updated pictures

    1- First budder.
    2- Low view of a big girl.
    3- Plant LST'n 24/7
    4- Above one of our four footers.
    5 & 6- A partner this crop, its his property.
    7- Some big girls.
    8 Big ass leaf.
    9- Biggest plant 5 feet.
    Descending order from the left to the right...

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    Heres some pictures that will show the progression of the plants from when they were indoors to when then were transplanted and put into the great outdoors.

    1- Day 2 (June 3rd)
    2- 1 week (June 8th)
    3- Outdoor (July 10th)
    4- Full garden (July 14th)
    5- Hand to leaf shot, biggest leaf (July 16th)
    6- One of our bigger plants (July 28th)
    7- Me w/our biggest ladie @ 5 feet! (August 3rd)
    8- Hand to leaf shot, biggest leaf (August 5th)
    9- One of our bigger ladies, LST'n 24/7 ( August 5th)
    10- A little 3 1/2 footer budding, looks dank as hell (August 5th)
    Descending from left to right...

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  4. No responses? Cmon GC
  5. Nice outdoor grow man!

    Those plants are going to be huge, when do you plan on harvesting and how tall do you expect them to be when finished? Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about growing outside.
  6. those plants dont look like widow or northern lights to me not enough indica looking from the leaves looking good either way
  7. well they look happy being outside.:)

    WW and NL does have a broader leaf than those plants in your garden.

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  9. Plan on harvesting the bigger ones early to mid September most likely. And to be honest, I have no idea how big they're going to be at that point. This is our first grow so we're still picking everything up on the fly. We still haven't transplanted the bigger ones from their 3 gallon pots to larger ones (most likely 8-10 gallon) just because I've been working a lot but we plan to in the next couple days.

    Also we're going to begin the cloning process soon. Hopefully our 2nd grow will be where the real mula is made:hello:

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