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PURPLE !!!! What's so good about it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Grandma Gudenhi, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. So that's my question. I don't get it. What makes people want the purps? I know I have a friend who's high is influenced by the look of the buds. Is it kind of like that? A psychological thing? Because I know plenty of awesome strains that are not purple. People love the purps. :smoking: Why?

  2. its all psychological.
    purps are usually genetics, influenced by the night settings of their grow lights (temperature or length or something like that).
    you can get red and gold too.

    only in urkle strains or other purple dominant strains does the color really factor in, simply because thats just the strain.

    color has nothing to do with cannabinoid and thc content. It is a cool perk though to have exotic looking weed.
  3. I love all types but I love purp for the high, taste, and appearance obviously. A great purple is distinguished where is there are a far wider variety of greens light to dark that look similar. Its def the appearance and taste for me. Besides purp pretty much co signs quality before you smoke.
  4. Check out my superpurpleurple, thats why we love it.
  5. i think it tastes a bit better and sweeter
  6. purple weed is usually harsher, but there are many harshness factors, one time i had solid purple weed it was crazy, but i think the light green stuff gets me higherrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. I'd rather smoke elmo testicles then barney testicles
  8. id rather smoke spongebobs aculpuco gold testicles.:smoke:
  9. yeah technically it dosent have more thc than green bud, actually i think it might be slightly less cause of the stress on the plant.

    but whenever i get purps they always have a really fruity smell or sometimes an incense or potpourri kind of a smell and thats real nice to toke on..
  10. Its not danker, shittyer, smellyer, better or worse. Its all about genetics, hows its grown, and how much they know. I can say ive smoked alot of not so great purple weed, and some out of this world purple.
  11. To most it's just aesthetically pleasing I would guess. I would remember when I was a newer toker, I would always think that if it had some purp it would always get me baked. After I had my fair share of dank purps, I realized it's not all it's cracked up to be. Sure, I can always get my hands on some killer purp that will have me stoned off my ass, but some kill green will do that to me anyway.
  12. what i've heard is the reason purple weed is considered to be more chronic is it was grown in colder conditions which resulted in less moisture in the air which allowed the thc crystalls to expand more therefore having more resinous buds
  13. Purple weed can mean a couple of things. It can be just genetics, and when this is the case as a rule of thumb the buds are usually indica dominant with a more full bodied couchlock high.

    It can also mean that at the end of the budding period the temperature was dropped significantly for a period of time.

    It can also be a pre-cursor to phosphorus nute burn, meaning the whole plant turns a purplish blue prior to actually getting sick because of excess phosphorus.

    Just picked up some purple passion and its the bomb, so you know im not knockin it.

    hope this answers your questions :smoke:
  14. i got dem grandaddy purps!!!!
  15. imo people like the purples because it looks exotic. But most of the purp i smoked is better than the greens. Except for some no-name light green snocap looking strain i got.

    That shit had me on jupiter for about 8 hours off one blunt :l
  16. #16 Grandma Gudenhi, Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2010
    I think it is a lot about the looks. I know the Lavender (below) was awesome but not my most potent that season (`08). The Romulan (`09) was my most potent but did not keep any of the purple color.

    Here are some buds from a Lavender strain we grew a few seasons ago.

    Same Lavender buds, dried and cured
    Here are some buds from the same plant. They were left to grow for an extra three weeks (bottom, popcorn buds). Did they get so dark because of the strain and longer growth or because of the cold?

    What about my Romulan from last season? It had purple hairs but none in the leaves. Is it "the purps?"

    Also, no purple color in the Romulan final product.

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